Dreamforce 2023 is done and dusted. The year-long wait for the largest AI event powered by Salesforce served everything that the largest global tech community deserves. With the three days of the event gathered hundreds and thousands of Trailblazers, and through the 1,500 sessions they hosted, the chanting of Data + AI + CRM + […]

Salesforce’s Partner Innovation Award is here, once again! And, guess what…CEPTES wore the crown!  You read it right! Followed by last year, CEPTES has added the PIA23 feather to its cap once again this year.  And, what doubles up the excitement is that this time, we received remarkable recognition for not one, but two prestigious […]

1000+ sessions, 4000+ attendees, 45+ keynotes, and a ton of unlimited fun — it feels like yesterday Dreamforce 2022 unfolded. While we still relish the unforgettable moments of one of the best tech events, the time is here to roll up our sleeves for Dreamforce 2023. The biggest Salesforce conference once again knocks on our […]

Documents are always a necessary evil. Be it sales, finance, marketing, or whatever it may be, documents are part and parcel of business operations. In this era of rapid technological advancement, endless possibilities have been emerging. Effortlessly generating a comprehensive document by seamlessly retrieving data from various Salesforce objects automatically has become a reality, showcasing […]

When facing any challenges related to file management in Salesforce, AppExchange is the first place you will reach out to. You will search for the best ‘file management’ solution in the biggest enterprise cloud marketplace. We can tell beyond a shadow of a doubt that XfilesPro will be the first result that comes in the […]

If you have been using Salesforce for a long time to boost your sales process and customer experience or to streamline your internal workflow,  you must have Googled at least once ‘How to efficiently manage big-sized files within Salesforce.’  With the extensive usage of the most powerful CRM platform on a daily basis, it’s obvious […]

Ditch manual document generation as it is the bottleneck for growth and change   The financial industry is like a can of worms with data. They must be handled very well or the aftermath can be catastrophic. Your bank statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, and expense reports are something that is very critical to […]

AIKYAM 2023, an extraordinary event, surpassed all expectations with its remarkable innovations and unforgettable moments. The two-day extravaganza was an immense triumph, featuring enlightening discussions, awe-inspiring demo competitions, and engaging Q&A sessions that made day 1 truly special. On day 2, we joyfully invited our employees’ families, creating a fun-filled atmosphere brimming with excitement and […]

If you have been using Salesforce for a while to boost sales processes and customer experience, you must have heard about the need for ‘external storage integration.’ The high chances are that you have probably ignored learning about that ‘integration’ since it was not relevant to you at that point.  But now? Do you think […]

A Salesforce Awesome Admin is the conductor of automation, orchestrating a symphony of efficient processes, eliminating manual tasks, and enhancing productivity across the board. Nothing can beat how Ohana glorifies Awesome Admins.   But do you really think the life of an Awesome Admin is as awesome as it seems?  A big NO from our end! […]