XfilesPro Helps Cattle Genetics Provider Take Precautionary Actions Against Storage Overloading in Salesforce

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When our customer, a leading cattle genetics provider, transitioned from their old CRM to Salesforce, they were unaware of the storage limitations that Salesforce imposed. Since they identified that they would need to pay hefty charges for storage upgrades in the future, they decided to take preventive actions to eliminate the limited storage space scenario in Salesforce. 

Although they wanted to migrate files from Salesforce to a secure external repository, it was not a walk in the park. They needed to make sure the external storage had sufficient space to accommodate the migrated Salesforce files. Most importantly, finding an advanced solution provider that could enable document migration was also challenging.

It was XfilesPro that fulfilled their role as a solution provider. Curious to know how XfilesPro powered success for the customer? Read the success story.