XfilesPro Helps Insurance Company to Ensure the Retention of Salesforce Documents Despite its Exceeded Storage Capacity

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Being an insurance brokerage company, our customer was bound to ensure the retention of their Salesforce documents for several years. However, the extensive use of Salesforce has accumulated a huge volume of documents in their Org, which led to storage overloading. 

Since the exceeded storage space couldn’t support document retention, the customer decided to move their files out of Salesforce to a secure environment. They had to make sure that the external storage didn’t raise concerns about the storage cap, which was the only way to preserve the files for a long period. 

However, achieving the integration between Salesforce and their preferred external cloud and the following document migration was not easy. They dug deeper into the market and found XfilesPro as the right fit for their demands. 

To discover how XflesPro helped the insurance company to establish the integration and enable document migration, read the success story.