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Your Manual Document Generation Days are Over.

Do you have any idea how time-consuming a process is when it comes to manually drafting a document? Now, bringing you the luxury of auto-document generation through the XfilesPro document generation application.

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FIDO XfilesPro Document Generation

Level up your Document Generation with Efficiency,
Consistency & Speed

Faster Document Creation
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Lesser Doc Creation Time
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More Completed Document/Mo
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One Platform for All Your Business
Document Needs

Lawyer, CS, CFO, CA
Invoice, Demand Note, Payment Receipt
HR & Recruitment
Offer letter, Appointment letter & Experience Letter
Real estate
Demand Letter, Receipt, Sales/Construction Agreement
Vendor & Supplier
Legal & Compliance
Directors Report, Notices, Secretarial Notes, Audit Docs, Board Resolution
MSA, NDA, Contract, Quote, Order
Project & Delivery
RFP, RFI, SOW, Proposal

Explore The Complete XfilesPro Document Generation

Existing Template Import

If you already have a theme that suits your particular needs while drafting a document, by importing the same, you can seamlessly use it on XfilesPro document generation.

Template Access Control

You are the sole possessor of your documents and templates. You are given complete control over who can access and view it.

Customized Template Creation

If you are looking for a template that suits your needs, you can approach XfilesPro document generation to build and customize a template of your choice.

Custom Note Addition

To personalize your document, even more, the feature of custom note addition can be done on XfilesPro document generation and make it flawless.

Multiple Document Type Support

XfilesPro document generation comes in with the choice of having the format of the document you draft. All popular forms such as PDF, Word, Excel, and PPT are supported.

E-Signature Attachment

The most impeccable feature of e-sign is supported by XfilesPro document generation. It supports all popular third-party e-signs that come in handy while drafting a document.

Why Document Generation?

Better Productivity

Productivity is one of the most important and expected qualities in a workplace. With this auto-document generation, you have hit the nail on the head.

Top-Notch Accuracy

With having to draft numerous documents a day, it will be hard to be spot on always. XfilesPro auto document generation is the solution for this.

Assured Security

You have no idea how many people can have access to a document that was created by you. This application helps you keep track of it.

High-end Data Compliance

Any document generated on our XfilesPro document generation is very careful about who can be in a position to view or use the document.

Error-free Data

There will be no chance of coming across an error when the document is generated on Xfilespro document generation as it is precise and advanced.

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