What is XfilesPro?

XfilesPro is an advanced file management & external storage integration application for Salesforce that helps Salesforce customers store files of any type in external systems (SharePoint, S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, On-prem) to save storage costs, improve file visibility & collaboration, create/manage folder structures, migrate large volume files & much more.

External Storage Integration

Choose any external Cloud or On-premise (FTP, SMB, Network Drive) file storage to store all your Salesforce files and attachments.

Auto File Export

Automated file archiving (initial file offloading) to the chosen external storage from Salesforce to immediately optimize storage space & set future file migration processes.

Folder Management

Automated folder creation in the external system to experience a highly customized folder system in Salesforce. This feature also offers easy folder/file mapping & unmapping capability.

Before You Leave…

Discover how XfilesPro’s file management and document generation applications can elevate your Salesforce experience by scheduling a demo with us