The Ceptes’ Biggest Tech Event with a Vivid, Vogue and a Vibrant Experience


AIKYAM 2023 was indeed a magical experience. Tech and fun involved together into a blended synergy was Aikyam all about. With the exciting themes of vivid, vibrant, and vagueness, this 2-day event was everything that a Ceptesian asked for. If day 1 was filled with keynote sessions, pitch fests, and so on, the second day was everything fun you wanted. With families flocking in on the second day, Aikyam’s 2-day event was the perfect combination of tech and glitz. Looking forward to many more AIkyams in the coming years.

When Bits and Pixels Burst into a Kaleidoscope -V3

Clash of the Tech Titans: The Pitch Fest Saga

AIKYAM’23 unveiled the epic tech showdown at CEPTES, featuring the prestigious Pitch Fest. Teams showcased their product pitches with unparalleled creativity, intensifying the competition. The event exuded sophistication and fervor, presenting a healthy contest among the participants. Innovation and excellence were the hallmarks of each team, surpassing expectations. In the ultimate face-off, the marketing team emerged victorious, claiming the crown for the day.

Aikyam 2023 - Pitch Fest

Hi BaAr: Welcome to the Family

We introduced a new member to our family! AIKYAM was the platform where we joyously welcomed BaAr into the DataArchiva fold. Drawing inspiration from the captivating Dart frog of the Amazon Rain Forest, we breathed life into our eagerly anticipated DataArchiva mascot, naming it BaAr—a fusion of Backup and Archive. Stunning the CEPTESIANS, BaAr made a spectacular debut, igniting the spirit of AIKYAM!

AIKYAM 23: The Future Roadmap is all Well-designed

In a mesmerizing showcase of ingenuity, the diverse sectors within CEPTES astonished us with their forward-thinking approaches. The opening act was orchestrated by our CEO and Co-founder, Harish Kumar, who ignited the stage with motivational fervor. As the spotlight shifted to the teams, encompassing the captivating presentations of Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, and Research and Development, we were immersed in a treasure trove of priceless perspectives. Every department showcased its achievements from the previous year and revealed its ambitious goals for the future, captivating us with its boundless possibilities.