Ne(X)tWave : Envisioning Future of Tech

Aikyam 2024
Aikyam 2024

AIKYAM, the flagship tech event of CEPTES, has something special to offer in 2024. As we stepped into the future of technology driven by AI, our leaders, innovators, and partners came together for an amazing day filled with product releases, new product announcements, interactive sessions, insightful keynotes, fireside chat, and unlimited fun. The world witnessed our innovation platform X as we unveiled our future tech stacks.

Xperiencing the Xquisite Xpression of Togetherness

Xperience Tomorrow: Keynote Unveiled

In the keynote, our Co-founder Harish Kumar took us to the future of tech, driven by AI and how our products are adopting the technology to deliver better customer services. Also, Harish gave an exciting glimpse into tomorrow’s possibilities & announced an innovative platform X which will offer a plethora of document & data management solutions.

X Marks the Spot: A Redefining New Identity

AIKYAM 2024 presented a new logo for our flagship product XfilesPro. The logo is meticulously crafted to embody our brand’s essence & vision. With a vibrant X, it captures the spirit of innovation & commitment that defines us. This logo promises excellence, trustworthiness, and forward thinking. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey with our new identity leading the way.

Aikyam 2024 Xfilespro New logo Launch