Dreamforce 2023

Pioneering Synergy: Uniting Data+AI+CRM+Trust to Illuminate the Path Ahead

Verve 2023
Verve 2023

The Dawn of New Horizons: A Gathering Shaping Future Ages

Dreamforce 23: The Future Unwrapped—A Front-Row Experience

Showcasing over a thousand sessions, attracting more than four thousand participants, featuring over forty-five impactful keynote presentations, and an array of exciting announcements, Salesforce’s premier three-day tech event proved to be a resounding success, providing a sneak peek into what lies ahead. Salesforce’s 21st annual conference surpassed being a mere gathering, as we engaged with Trailblazers brimming with extraordinary concepts. Interactions with these innovators granted us invaluable perspectives and left a profound impact on us. The future is poised at the intersection of Data, AI, CRM, and Trust. The incomparable features of the next era hold immense potential to propel businesses to unparalleled heights.