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Transform your File Storage Needs in Salesforce


Highest ROI

Get a 3X+ ROI by using XfilesPro with an 80%+ direct file storage cost savings


Easy to Setup & Use

Setup the app within minutes and start storing Salesforce files in external systems


File Collaboration

Let your internal team, as well as external users, collaborate on files for better productivity

Popular Features

Take your file management experience in Salesforce to a whole new level
with the application’s advanced capabilities & powerful features.


External Storage Integration

Choose any external Cloud (SharePoint, S3, Google Drive, OneDrive) or On-premise (FTP, SMB, Network Drive) file storage to store all your Salesforce files and attachments.


Auto File Export

Automated file archiving (initial file offloading) to the chosen external storage from Salesforce to immediately optimize storage space & set future file migration processes.

Folder Management

Folder Management

Automated folder creation in the external system to experience a highly customized folder system in Salesforce. This feature also offers easy folder/file mapping & unmapping capability.


File View

View all the already moved files from the Salesforce system to the external storage right within your Salesforce page layout. No impact on the user experience.


File Collaboration

Collaborate with your internal teams as well as external users on centralized files to improve file management experience and overall productivity.


Community User Support

Store all your Salesforce Community user-generated files in the external storage automatically to optimize storage usage.


Additional Capabilities

XfilesPro offers a gamut of additional capabilities to make your in-app experience better and external file storage experience seamless

  • Bi-directional sync of files
  • External user file sharing
  • Easy drag & drop of files
  • Mass upload/delete/download/share of files
  • Salesforce1 (Mobile) support
  • Global Search of Files
  • Multi-org file integration
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