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Reimagine Salesforce File Management Experience with File Management Experts!

XfilesPro is uniquely built to meet your file management needs in Salesforce including storage optimization, seamless file collaboration, easy file access, folder structure, large file migration, etc. The app supports multiple external cloud storage platforms such as SharePoint, S3, Google Drive, and OneDrive as well as On-premise platforms (Network Drive, SMB, FTP) to store Salesforce files automatically. With over 9 years of file management expertise, XfilesPro is the answer to all your complex file management challenges in Salesforce.

Go Beyond File Storage Management with XfilesPro

  • Top-notch File Collaboration
  • Fully-automated Large Volume File Migration
  • File/Folder Syncing
  • Custom Folder Structure
  • Community User Support
  • 3rd-Party AppExchange App Support
  • File Preview within Salesforce
  • File Sharing