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Uplevel Your File Management Experience in Salesforce

Ready to reimagine your Salesforce file management experience? Let’s show you how XfilesPro can empower your transformation. Start using XfilesPro today or get a demo of its two powerful solutions – file management and document generation for Salesforce. Keep in mind, we tailor our solutions to your specific demands that deliver ease of use, increased agility, and better business performance.

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File Management

Powerful External Storage Integration

Effortlessly integrate your Salesforce with an external cloud storage system (SharePoint, S3, Google Drive, OneDrive) of your choice or your On-premises (FTP, SMB, Network Drive) platform to migrate the growing files.

Seamless File Collaboration

Experience modern file collaboration with your internal teams as well as external users on a centralized file management system.

Strong Adherence to Compliance

Migrate the massive volume of Salesforce files to your external storage system by strictly following your compliance and policies.

File Access and Visibility

Access your files within the Salesforce org even after its migration to your external storage system.

Folder Management

Automatically create equivalent folders in your external storage system as you create new folders in Salesforce.

Document Generation

One-Click Document Generation

Create documents of any type and size in a single click within your Salesforce by using the data stored in the same production org.

100% Native to Salesforce

Process your workflow completely within the Salesforce system, from data fetching to final document generation.

Road to Automation

Automate your end-to-end document generation workflow within Salesforce and chart the road to digitalization.

Support for Popular e-Signatures

Keep your modern business moving forward with a virtual signing facility, by leveraging all third-party popular e-signs.

Quality-Driven Workflow

Experience the modern document management workflow that is powerful, streamlined, and user-friendly.


Huge time saver for consultants

Being a Salesforce consultant, I value the customer’s needs to time to market, cost leadership and product quality. When asked to integrate Salesforce to storage solutions like Amazon, Sharepoint, Google, Dropbox, etc, I recommend XFilesPro to my customers. Even if they deduct their licensing expense from my invoice, I always come out ahead because the product helps me get started quickly (1 hour), do it for less (cost leadership) and provide a very reliable and scalable solution.


Uday Rao

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