Automating document workflows in Salesforce is an arduous undertaking but is essential to stay ahead in a fast-moving business environment. It’s the way to drive critical business advantages including productivity boosts that chart the way to success.

Say goodbye to endless hours of editing incorrect data on a Word template or sprucing up Excel Tabs. Automating your document generation process in Salesforce can do those tedious tasks quickly and accurately. 

Imagine the daily activities of your marketing and sales teams. They strive to roll out top-notch, market-demanding presentations and proposals off the cuff. On the other hand, your HR team stays busy releasing offer letters, training documents, compliance forms, and many more to accomplish their goals. 

Creating many documents daily is overwhelming. Automating the document generation process makes sure you’re making the grade. Read on to discover the seven most common use cases where document automation in Salesforce delivers potential results. 

#1. Sales Proposals 

According to the ‘Sales State Report’ published by Salesforce, sales reps spend only 28% of their week on selling. That means they are involved 72% of their time on other tasks. These ‘other tasks’ generally refer to document creation, sharing it for review and approval, and getting it signed by multiple users. 

Automating the end-to-end process saves enormous time and effort by handling these routine tasks. This provides your team the freedom to focus more on strategic goals, building relationships with customers, and making more sales. 

#2. Contract Management

From employee contracts and vendor agreements to lease documents, businesses manage a wide variety of contracts on a daily basis. Although the purpose of each document is different, these contracts share one thing in common: they are legally binding. Messing up one aspect of the contract process can drive potential consequences including substantial penalties and the erosion of trust with customers and partners. 

However, it’s no easy task for your team members to cross-verify each detail considering the large number of documents they have to deal with in a day. 

Automatic document generation in Salesforce can pull data from various fields and create contracts instantaneously, ensuring that the data is accurate and up-to-date. This also guarantees a seamless contract management experience for users.   

#3. Invoice Processing 

Invoices are an inevitable part of business operations that will be around as long as the business will. However, invoice processing is a drawn-out task that involves processes from verifying and extracting the data to entering it into the right space. Considering the size of most businesses, it sounds impossible to do manually. 

This is where the power of automation comes into play. 

An advanced document automation system will have the expertise to scan invoices in a variety of formats, choose the right templates, enter accurate and appropriate data, and a lot more, which requires minimal manual effort. With these advancements, your employees can act as reviewers rather than workhorses. 

#4. Employee Onboarding

As we already saw above, recruiting and welcoming a new employee to your organization involves many documents. In a dynamic work environment, generating and managing such documents would cause a significant drain on resources, which underscores the need for efficient and automated operations. 

However, with document automation in Salesforce, you can have your templates and documents ready and approvals and eSigns in place. This quick process ensures a smooth onboarding experience for new hires while reducing the administrative overburden on the HR department. 

#5. Compliance Assurance

If your business functions in a regulated industry, making the right compliance documents is not just a thing but everything. However, a single oversight or human error in document creation can lead to potential compliance issues.

To tackle this challenge, document automation ensures the flow of updated and accurate information to your compliance documents. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the hefty penalty or legal actions that would take a toll on your bottom line. 

Meanwhile, learn about the benefits of automatic document generation in Salesforce 

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