The countdown to the most prominent tech event of the year has begun. Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2024 will happen in a few days. If you are one of those in-person attendees, you must be getting your ducks in a row to fly to the Southern Hemisphere. 

While you’re staying incredibly excited to be a part of the much-awaited Salesforce World Tour, here’s our helping guide to making the most out of it. Reading through the blog, you will discover the top five things that you shouldn’t do during the event. 

So, let’s get started. 

  1. Don’t Forget to Pre-register for the Event

     As the future of business is coming to Sydney, you need to expect a massive crowd of global Trailblazers. So, it’s mandatory that you need to pre-register for the event for you and the team to avoid the last-minute hassle. Although the days are counted for the event, you can still register for the Sydney World Tour for the regular charge. Pick how you want to enroll your name as a general attendee, Salesforce Partner, or Salesforce employee from the list and get yourself/team registered. Once you pre-register, make sure you arrive early for the event on D-day to collect the badges that Salesforce has made for you.  

  2. Don’t Go to the Event Without Having an Agenda

     If you wish to experience World Tour Sydney 2024 to its fullest, you must build an agenda by considering key sessions and events. Check the full agenda from Salesforce, choose the events that align with your business goals, and customize your own agenda for the World Tour. Do note that your event list must include key Partner Sessions, Customer 360 Theatre and Workshop Sessions, keynotes of popular speakers, important booth visits, and finally the most exciting Demo Jam.
    If you look forward to elevating your document management experience in Salesforce, add a meeting with team XfilesPro to your agenda. At our Platinum Sponsor booth, we will showcase effective strategies to better manage your documents in Salesforce. For your in-depth learning about document management, we’d like to welcome you to our live Theatre Session at Partner Theatre 1 at 9:20 AM. Moreover, our team will present an outstanding demo of XfilesPro at Demo Jam so that you can see the app real. So, mark your calendars! 

  3. Don’t Miss the Chance to Find Solutions for Your Challenges 

    World Tour Sydney is not just an event to meet the Trailblazer Community. It’s the place where you find answers to your questions and solutions to your challenges. Prior to the event, make sure that you have noted down the operational pain points of your business on your iPad or notes so that you can stop by the partner booth where the right solution is presented. Gain more clarity on the solution and clear your doubts by talking to the execs present at the booth. Please note that you can even receive a free demo to see the solution in action and some discounts if luck is on your side.

  4. Don’t Forget to Visit XfilesPro’s Platinum Sponsor Booth

    As we have already mentioned above, team XfilesPro will be awaiting your visit to our Platinum Sponsor booth. Our team will showcase an advanced document management solution that can elevate your document management experience in Salesforce. From one-click document generation inside Salesforce and storing it in an external repository to enabling collaboration for team members, we will be demonstrating a one-stop solution for your end-to-end document management requirements.

    Salesforce sessions at Sydney World Tour 2024 starting Date - XfilesProMoreover, we will also present the expertise of our data archive, backup, and seeding applications for Salesforce and how they can help users manage data in a more organized and easy way. You can also explore the live demos of our apps and grab the amazing discount we have for your in-person visit. So, don’t forget to stop by us!

  5. Don’t Miss to Join Salesforce+ if You’re Not Attending In-person

    Can’t make it to the Down Under hub for World Tour Sydney? Fret no more, you can watch the complete event virtually through Salesforce +, which will stream live. Even if you wish to watch the event later, you can do it through this platform at any time. So, do register yourself for a never-like-before virtual experience. 

See You at Sydney

Just like you, we’re also thrilled to reunite with Trailblazers after a year-long wait. We hope the factors mentioned above can help you attend World Tour Sydney more effectively without missing out on key things.

Hope to see you soon!

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