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Aikyam 2022
VERVE 2022
XfilesPro 9th Anniversary

XfilesPro 9th Anniversary

XfilesPro has turned 9. It's been an incredible journey & we celebrated the outstanding success with a day-long action pack event. The event was packed with sessions, product announcements, upcoming innovations, and surprises. 

Dreamforce 2022

XfilesPro at Dreamforce 2022. CEPTES was one of the sponsors of Dreamforce 22' & XfilesPro was showcased at the biggest cloud event in the world. Dreamforce was a great learning experience for us & this helped us take XfilesPro to a whole new level.

Verve 2022

As we travel the road to the future, we try to celebrate each milestone. “Verve 2022” was one such epic party for all our hard-working colleagues with plenty of good times, tasty treats, and joyful celebrations. Here’s to moments like this that make us feel alive.


AIKYAM 2022, the first-ever, a path-breaking tech summit at CEPTES was an outstanding experience. We enjoyed every minute of the day to its fullest with each other’s presence, vim, vigor, and grace! As our leaders have driven all their efforts to present the insightful roadmap of our products, the event turned out to be synonyms for unity, wisdom, and enlightenment. 

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