It was an experience like no other. It was a day to remember, a day to savor, and a day that showed us the future. 

We’re cherishing the moments of Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2023.

It feels like just yesterday we returned from the Southern Hemisphere with our hearts filled with inspiration, innovation, and immense joy, which was a testament to our union with global Trailblazers.

Team DataArchiva presents at Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2023

Now, as the world gears up to witness the magic again at Sydney, we’d love to take a trip down memory lane and look back at one of the most splendid Salesforce events we experienced a year ago. 

We welcome you to join us in this journey through this article. 

Taking center stage of Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2023

In a nutshell, the Sydney World Tour 2023 was an event of epic innovation. We connected with like-minded Trailblazers who search for modern solutions to their challenges. We networked, learned, and had fun with such innovative enthusiasts, and many of them are in a robust association with us today. 

Most importantly, it was a milestone like no other when we received the golden opportunity to be renowned as the Platinum Sponsor of the Sydney World Tour for the first time. We brought our data archiving and backup solutions for Salesforce DataArchiva, which was showcased at our Platinum Sponsor booth. 

The Platinum Sponsor booth of DataArchiva at Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2023

We hosted a slew of Trailblazers at our booth and showed them the expertise of our data archive, backup, and seeding applications & how they can do wonders for any business to manage data better. The experience of being a Platinum Sponsor at one of the best Salesforce World Tours was remarkable, marking a significant milestone in our history.

Experts of DataArchiva interact with Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2023 attendees at their Platinum Sponsor booth

Harish Kumar, CEO and Co-founder of CEPTES says’

“It was an extraordinary experience we had at World Tour Sydney last year. We connected with a lot of Trailblazers and listened to their needs. The happiest part is that many of them became our customers now.”

Nextly, we received an amazing opportunity to take the stage of the Customer Success Session and share insights on the topic ‘Next-Gen Salesforce Data Management Strategy.’ This opened the big door to engaging with an enthusiastic audience, showcasing the effective approach to managing Salesforce data with DataArchiva.

Team DataArchiva hosts Customer Success Session at Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2023

Finally, our team also showcased a dazzling demo at Demo Jam and buttoned up the event on a high note. 

Joining Back to Trailblazers at World Tour Sydney 2024 

A year went by. The Sydney World Tour is around the corner once again. With the heartwarming memories we collected last year, our team is flying to Sydney very soon to reunite with Trailblazers.

Team DataArchiva stands in front of their Platinum Sponsor booth at Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2023

This time, XfilesPro will be at the forefront at our Platinum Sponsor booth. We are going to showcase the top-notch capabilities of XfilesPro including one-click doc gen, easy external storage in SharePoint, AWS S3, OneDrive, Google Drive, and seamless document collaboration in order to supercharge end-to-end document management process in Salesforce. From document generation to external storage and employee collaboration, XfilesPro has many advancements that Salesforce users need to streamline their operations.

Salesforce sessions at Sydney World Tour 2024 starting Date - XfilesPro

Also, our team will be hosting a 20-minute session on our document management solution, where they will discuss prevalent industry use cases and elaborate on how XfilesPro is playing a crucial role in enhancing document management for industry leaders.

So, make sure you meet with us at ICC Sydney on 28th February 2024. Let’s build something together while the world witnesses the future of AI.

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Hope to see you in Sydney!

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