Every business is built on teamwork. And, the success of teamwork is defined by effective communication and collaboration among teammates.

One of the key components of efficient collaboration is document sharing inside Salesforce. Whether it’s sharing reports, proposals, presentations, or other vital documents, the ability to seamlessly exchange information inside the CRM is crucial for boosting productivity and innovation. It’s the driving force behind achieving business goals. 

The most popular document management application for Salesforce, XfilesPro understands the significance of securely and effortlessly distributing documents within the Salesforce platform. So, XfilesPro offers many advancements to streamline this everyday process. 

The Enhanced Security Model for Document Exchange 

XfilesPro provides two distinct capabilities based on whom you share the document in order to facilitate the information exchange between multiple parties. 

Let’s look into each of those.

Internal Document Sharing: Here is where you can share files, documents, and information within a team or organization. This type of sharing occurs among employees, departments, or project teams who work together within your company. The key purpose of internal document sharing is to effectively collaborate, communicate, share knowledge, and enable workflow management for your employees.

To ensure security during this process, XfilesPro upholds certain standards. 

XfilesPro permits only authorized persons to share documents with other users, profiles, and groups. Here, Admins have complete control over deciding who can be entitled as authorized users and the authorized users can decide who can view, edit, and delete a file. This means that any unauthorized individuals do not share or access your Salesforce documents so you can rest assured about its security. 

External Document Sharing: This involves sharing documents and information with individuals or entities outside of your organization. To be specific, external document sharing occurs with external stakeholders such as leads, vendors, partners, customers, or suppliers. The key purpose of this way of document sharing is to enhance collaboration and communication with external parties, which is vital to the business’s success.

To ensure security during external document sharing, XfilesPro has a specific criterion to meet. While sharing a document, the owner of the document needs to share a password-protected link via email to the external user. This link is one-time usable and has a certain validity time defined by the owner. Therefore, it is ensured that the document remains inaccessible to irrelevant users without the owner’s permission. 

In brief, XfilesPro leaves no stone unturned to cause a security breach on a document while sharing with internal or external people. 

Going Above and Beyond to Preserve Document Security 

XfilesPro’s commitment to security extends beyond document sharing. 

As you know, XfilesPro takes care of your complete document management in Salesforce. To not let your business suffer from the limited storage space of the CRM app, XfilesPro moves your files from Salesforce to any of your preferred external storage including SharePoint, AWS S3, Google Drive, and OneDrive. 

Here, most users are worried about document security post-migration to external storage. The good news is that XfilesPro has many more advanced capabilities that safeguard your documents in the outside repository. 

Here are two of them. 

Access Control: This is the fundamental component of document security which empowers Admins to provide user/profile level control on document creation, deletion, download, and upload. That means Admins can define which user/profile should obtain different kinds of document control in the external storage. Access Control plays a crucial role in safeguarding the confidentiality of the file and mitigating risks of breaches. 

Folder/File Preserve: You can leverage the benefits of Folder/File Preserve functionality by enabling the document deployment to a particular user/group/profile. This functionality ensures that only people who belong to any of these categories will be able to access a particular document. Here also, the owner can decide who needs to be added under any of these categories and what documents they can use. Again, security is guaranteed!

In a nutshell, XfilesPro delivers superior functionalities to ensure document security in Salesforce. If your business wants to secure Salesforce documents with XfilesPro, please connect with one of our experts.

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