When a business looks to leverage an advanced application to manage documents better in Salesforce, they expect the app to meet their document management needs efficiently as well as perform faster without impacting user experience. A document management application needs to be seamless & easy to use, especially when a user is dealing with a large number of documents daily.

As the #1 document management application built for Salesforce, XfilesPro is well aligned with today’s business demands & customer needs. To take our application to greater heights, we started a journey to become ’10X faster & we are happy that we accomplished that in a quick period.

A Journey of Continued Innovation and Success 

Being a decade-old document management application for Salesforce, XfilesPro is the most trusted choice for Salesforce customers from around the globe ranging from multiple industries. From entering into the ecosystem as an application to optimize the Salesforce file storage space to a fully-fledged platform that mitigates a wide range of pain points of the users related to document management, XfilesPro has taken a significant transformation over the years. 

Today, XfilesPro is capable of elevating the document workflow, offering innovative functionalities such as automated document generation in Salesforce, eSignature, external storage integration, seamless collaboration, etc. 

Let us make it more clear.

If your business demands integration between your Salesforce with SharePoint, AWS S3, Google Drive, or OneDrive to enable document migration from the former to the latter, XfilesPro acts as the perfect integration tool. 

Faster, Smarter, Better: The XfilesPro Advantage

With all those advancements to offer, XfilesPro further upgraded by embracing the face of rapid implementation and processing methods that are newer and agile, with modern features that fulfill users’ needs. There are some prominent aspects that define the meaning of 10x faster for XfilesPro. 

Let us look briefly at each of those. 

Faster to Install and Configure: Unlike other document management apps, XfilesPro doesn’t require complex configuration processes or comprehensive documentation to get done with its installation. Instead, it acts as a self-guided application that provides easy, in-app steps to establish a seamless integration between Salesforce and your preferred external storage system, eliminating the need for extensive technical expertise or assistance from the support team. 

Users can easily navigate through the setup process, customize settings according to their preferences, and start using the application without encountering major hurdles. In fact, XfilesPro enforces a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) model, which ultimately results in faster implementation time, enhancing user satisfaction by minimizing frustration, complexity, and time.

XfilesPro acts as a self-guided app to help users get done with faster installation process

Faster Adoption and Usage: As the adoption is faster, XfilesPro reduces the comprehensive learning curve by empowering users to become proficient with the app more quickly. This leads to increased productivity as they can leverage XfilesPro’s file management capabilities sooner, resulting in time savings and efficiency gains. Additionally, faster adoption also ensures quicker deployment of XfilesPro’s advancements, such as improved document workflow, streamlined processes, and better collaboration among team members.

Another greater benefit of XfilesPro lies where it functions as an admin-friendly application that is powered by intelligent automation. The application automates the end-to-end document management processes and eliminates unnecessary human interaction which causes productivity disruptions. 

Moreover, XfilesPro ensures extreme convenience for users by allowing them to create customized folder structures in Salesforce, tag content against specific columns in SharePoint, and upload multiple files with the added convenience of drag-and-drop functionality. This delivers a seamless experience managing files. 

Some advanced functionalities such as customized folders, SharePoint Tagging, and Template Folder Path users can leverage using XfilesPro

Faster ROI: The faster it is, the quicker the Return On Investment it means. Firstly, XfilesPro drastically reduces the time and resources required for deployment, which ultimately drives cost savings associated with the implementation efforts. Additionally, the faster implementation and the adoption of the app make the users capable of experiencing its cutting-edge functionalities including seamless collaboration, which empowers the sales team with swift deal closure and the support team with quicker customer query resolution. This accelerated time-to-value also adds to ROI enhancement. 

The Fast Track to Success

The conveniences that a 10x faster application like XfilesPro can bring to a growing business are enormous.

Better Customer Experience: As XfilesPro enables quicker customer query resolution and improved on-time delivery of requirements, it results in high customer satisfaction. 

Reduced Time to Value: By expediting the adoption process, businesses can promptly integrate XfilesPro into their workflows, which helps users start leveraging its advanced capabilities without delay. 

Process Improvement: With XfilesPro, businesses can automate many routine file management tasks in Salesforce that implement smarter workflows and drive efficiency. 

So, why can’t you benefit from the ‘10x faster’ app to deal with your Salesforce files?

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Streamline Your File Management in Salesforce with the 10x Faster App

Choose XfilesPro and experience a worry-free implementation & faster adoption experience

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