Simpler document sharing and enhanced document collaboration are becoming more critical in business. Understanding the high and evolving demand for document-sharing capabilities among Salesforce users, XfilesPro has rolled out a new feature ‘Get Files’ in its latest release. It’s the advancement our application offers for Salesforce customers to streamline their daily document management experience. 

In this blog post, let’s discuss how Get Files empowers Salesforce users to ease their workflow. 

What is Get Files?

Get Files is a new XfilesPro feature using which Salesforce customers can get required files from external users faster. The external users can share files through email and those will be automatically stored within the right folder. That means no manual hassle with a faster and more reliable process. 

This feature will take XfilesPro’s document management capabilities to a whole new level and add more power to the application’s document collaboration abilities. XfilesPro has been a pioneer in offering document generation, eSign, storage, and collaboration solutions to its global customers through AppExchange.

How Does Get Files Work?

Get Files adopts a link-sharing method to initiate the file-transferring process. Here, Salesforce users can easily generate a unique link directly from the XfilesPro application and share it with relevant stakeholders (external users) via email. 

Once the external users (partners, customers, etc.) receive the Get Files link, they can use the ‘Upload Files’ button to import any number of documents on the go. As mentioned above, these documents will be directly stored in the integrated external system inside the adequate folder so that your Salesforce file storage remains unaffected and document collaboration, access becomes hassle-free. 

In brief, the Get Files feature simplifies the file-sharing process for a better workflow. 

Now, let’s look into the benefits of this latest XfilesPro advancement. 

  • Simplified File Sharing Process

It’s no longer manual uploading or sharing files in Salesforce, which often comes with complexities. With ‘Get Files,’ sharing Salesforce files and documents is like a cakewalk that gets done in a matter of a few clicks. No matter if it’s one or a large number of documents, this link-sharing feature allows you to upload documents to Salesforce in a shot.  

  • Efficient Document Collaboration 

Beyond fostering a seamless file-sharing experience, Get Files nurtures enhanced collaboration for Salesforce users. Whether it’s sharing project updates, soliciting feedback, or collaborating on documents, the innovative functionality empowers your team members and external people to simultaneously and efficiently work on documents regardless of their location or time zone. 

  • Centralized Document Management 

Having multiple platforms to store, access, and manage documents is highly onerous. Through Get Files, XfilesPro efficiently addresses this challenge by consolidating the file-sharing process within the app, resulting in centralized file management and organization for users. Here, your external system acts as a unified storage location to store all the uploaded documents, eliminating the need for disparate storage solutions. 

  • Robust Security Measures

XfilesPro understands the importance of safeguarding sensitive information a document contains. This is the reason Get Files adopts strong and stringent security standards to secure your documents. From encryption protocols to access controls, the feature ensures the security and privacy of your files, giving you peace of mind. 

  • Seamless Integration 

If you’re wondering if the arrival of Get Files would cause any inconvenience to your existing workflow, fret no more! This advanced feature adheres to your processes and productivity tools. No matter if you leverage Email Clients, project management platforms, or cloud storage services, Get Files complements your existing toolkit, enhancing efficiency and collaboration across the board.

Now that you understand the potential results that Get Files can drive for your business, you’re curious to explore the feature in action. To see how Get Files works for your business, schedule a demo with one of our product experts!

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