What’s more important than the feeling of getting a document signed easily?

 Usually, signing a document is cumbersome no matter if it’s done through a top-notch solution. The indefinite time it takes to get a document signed by multiple users makes the process tedious. 

This is why XfilesPro has rolled out a state-of-the-art feature, ‘ X-Sign’, in our document generation application for Salesforce to fasten the eSign procedure. 

XfilesPro DocuPrime, the document generator, unleashes this inclusive functionality to empower you to initiate the eSigning workflow directly after the document is generated, reviewed, and approved. 

XfilesPro DocuPrime: A Brief Overview

The most trusted application, XfilesPro DocuPrime automates your end-to-end document generation process in Salesforce. It offers advanced capabilities to obtain your data from multiple objects automatically, the options to build a template or use your existing ones, automate the routing for review and approval by authorized personnel, and now the ability to eSign the docs after every process!

With the arrival of X-Sign, XfilesPro DocuPrime can now support and complete the entire lifecycle of your Salesforce documents — from generation to review, approval, and eSign.

More Light on X-Sign

Team XfilesPro is proud to cater to one of the most challenging tasks of an employee’s daily workflow – eSign their vital documents. Whether it’s NDA, proposals, contracts, or invoices, you can automatically route the document for eSign by multiple execs after the review and approval process. This ensures a simple and streamlined workflow that ensures your success.

Let’s look into some of the major benefits that X-Sign brings.

  1. Immediate Document Execution: You can eliminate unnecessary delays to get a document signed with X-Sign. The innovative feature carries out the eSign process in minutes and accelerates your document approval process
  2. Automated Workflows:  With X-Sign, you can ensure a complete, automated document workflow within Salesforce. Once a document is signed, X-Sign routes it to the next party or system, which helps to ensure seamless and timely completion of processes, reducing manual intervention and errors.
  3. Improved Customer Experience: As the eSign procedure gets over faster than expected, you can get back to the customer in a short time span without having them check with you often on the status. This helps the customers leave a good impression on your company.

The advantages of X-Sign don’t end here. 

There are some more benefits that you can leverage with XfilesPro DocuPrime’s X-Sign feature as you are adopting a one-stop platform for document generation and eSign requirements.

You’re Seamlessly Integrated

Having a single platform ensures seamless integration between document creation and signing processes inside the Org. This way, you don’t need to switch between different systems or software to accomplish both processes separately, providing a smoother and more efficient workflow. Users can generate, send, sign, and store documents within one interface.

“I am extremely delighted with the addition of eSignature functionality in our document generation application XfilesPro DocuPrime. With constant innovation in the document management domain, XfilesPro is rapidly evolving as a trusted application. We have some amazing upcoming developments and I can’t wait to see what XfilesPro will offer to our customers.”

       –   Harish Kumar, Co-founder of CEPTES Software.

Enjoy the Luxury of Low Operational Cost

Maintaining and managing different systems for document generation and eSign can be costly. A unified platform like XfilesPro DocuPrime reduces the need for multiple software licenses, support contracts, and training sessions, leading to significant cost savings.

Achieve Peace of Mind with Security

A unified platform, XfilesPro DocuPrime offers strong security controls that make it easier to enforce security policies and protect the confidentiality of your documents. Functionalities such as Access Control, File Preserve, Secure document sharing, etc ensure that documents are safeguarded throughout their lifecycle.

Stress-free Document Management Like Never 

XfilesPro DocuPrime provides you with a centralized repository for all documents inside Salesforce. This makes it easier to organize, search, and retrieve documents, ensuring that your critical files and information are always accessible when needed. 

So, why wait? It seems like X-Sign and XfilesPro DocuPrime is something you need right now!

If you are looking for document management and collaboration solutions for Salesforce, great news, XfilesPro has you covered! Along with the document generation tool, we have solutions to efficiently manage and make the most of your documents. 

If you wish to learn how businesses leverage XfilesPro as a complete suite for end-to-end document management in Salesforce, read this success story.

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