It’s yet another cheery morning at work. You are full of beans to kick start the day by ticking off the tasks assigned to you. Your system is powering up. You are scrolling through emails, checking the calendar, responding to messages…

Now arrives the high-important email from the manager saying that your organization has decided to hand pick 20 MBA grads through campus hire, who your team already interviewed. The leadership team wants to send over an urgent email communication to the candidates by appreciating their outstanding performance during the hiring process and releasing offer letters to all of them. As a solo HR executive who takes care of the talent acquisition department, it’s you who needs to roll up the sleeves to create all mentioned documents. And, to round out the entire task, you have a day time — and only that. 

You have the data about all candidates, their roles, joining dates, CTCs, etc. on the Salesforce system. But garnering them to create a large number of documents with varied customization for all candidates means that you are going to juggle multiple balls in the air. 

You see yourself heading on to a tedious, nerve-wracking task that also leaves room for errors if done and dusted in a single day. Now you get a shiver down your spine!

Hey there, stop visualizing the scenario. This story is one just example of how document generation sounds arduous for the Human Resource sector. There are plenty of industries and multiple business domains including Sales, Finance, Marketing, and Real Estate, which also deal with this Gordian knot. Generating multiple documents on a daily basis using data stored on the Salesforce can make your life difficult, we know it first-hand. 

But wait..we got something to tell you. 

After having identified that easy document generation is the need of the hour for many Salesforce users, we decided to lend you a hand. At CEPTES, we pored over the context and discovered all essential deets that can come in handy while you make a multitude of documents. And, we will meet you all in our upcoming webinar to throw light on the same. 

In the webinar that is all set to go live on 6th July 2022 at 11:00 AM EST, our key speakers will expound to you on a modern way to generate documents within the Salesforce app in a single click. They will walk you through the finest and most innovative ways where automation is used to drive a hassle-free document creation process and how to store them in any external storage (SharePoint, OneDrive, S3, Google Drive, AWS S3) of your choice. Trust us, this approach will discard all your tensions upon template building, content customization, error creation, and a lot more aspects. To add more value, our speakers will also showcase a live demo of how we have made document generation seamless in Salesforce, which would blow your mind away. 

And, there’s a big surprise and announcement for you!

And, we’re not done. There are many more things in store for you including a detailed explanation of how XfilesPro has revolutionized the Salesforce file management system with its best-in-class capabilities.

So, make sure your presence in the webinar. 

What Can You Expect? 

  • The Power of Document Generation & External Storage Integration
  • LIVE DEMO – How to do it
  • The Surprise Package: Document Generation
  • Salesforce File Management with XfilesPro
  • The New XfilesPro Functionalities

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