AIKYAM 2023, an extraordinary event, surpassed all expectations with its remarkable innovations and unforgettable moments. The two-day extravaganza was an immense triumph, featuring enlightening discussions, awe-inspiring demo competitions, and engaging Q&A sessions that made day 1 truly special. On day 2, we joyfully invited our employees’ families, creating a fun-filled atmosphere brimming with excitement and happiness.

AIKYAM 2023 embraced the theme of vividness, vibrance, and vogue, infusing the event with a captivating atmosphere. From the ceremonial lighting of the lamp to the jubilant commemoration of DataArchiva’s 5-year milestone, the entire event radiated incredible energy. This blog serves as a comprehensive recollection of the cherished memories for all attendees while also offering an insider’s guide to those who missed out, providing a glimpse into the essence of AIKYAM.


On the first day, the event was totally dedicated to the technology and many new latest innovations that we have in store for our amazing customers. Here are the highlights of day 1.


The sessions from various departments threw some very innovative catches in reference to product innovation. Something really spell-bounding is coming into the AppExchange store through our existing products. The departments that conducted the sessions included Human Resources, Research & Development, Sales, and Marketing. Some of the must-mention revelations are as follows:

  • As promised, XfilesPro is all set to deliver an innovative and groundbreaking version of the application that has never been experienced so far. XfilesPro 2.0 is in the making. More details will be revealed soon. 
  • When it comes to XfilesPro DocuPrime, some major inclusions were showcased as follows: 
    • Improved Public Share functionality which includes Password Protection and Link Expiration
    • Document Library
    • Document generation with E-Sign integrated


The Great Corporate Showdown

After the sessions and a delicious lunch, “The Great corporate showdown” which is a drama was portrayed by our employees. They took attendees on a journey through the corporate office environment, shedding light on the culture, the influence of AI, and the strategies to address it. The play provided valuable insights and was instrumental in understanding how AI has impacted the workplace.


The Most Anticipated Event of the Day – The Pitch Fest

The pinnacle of excitement centered around the much-anticipated event – THE PITCH FEST. Each team had a brief 3-minute window to present their product pitch, relying solely on their knowledge and skills without any extra assistance or resources. The competition was intense, with teams neck to neck, but in the end, the marketing team’s pitch for DataArchiva native archiving emerged victorious as the winning presentation.

aikyam 2023

DataArchiva Turns Five

No event is complete without a little sweetness. Another CEPTES product DataArchiva completed five successful years of archiving all its customer’s Salesforce data. Following a heartfelt tribute to the product, guests and managers gathered for the cake-cutting ceremony, marking the delightful conclusion of day 1.

aikyam 2023


Day 2 was a light and heartfelt family event, wherein our employees hoped in with their family members and had a great time. The kids were having such fun and also enjoying the carnival theme all set up for them. The day was brimming with excitement, delicious food, and a sense of togetherness, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of all who attended.

The Cultural Vibrance

Our employees had all set the stage to deliver our guests an experience of a lifetime through their performances. With sizzling dance numbers and music fiestas, our guests were glued to their seats the entire event. After the performances, a delicious lunch was served, providing a perfect opportunity for everyone to enjoy and unwind.

aikyam 2023

The Carnival Funfair

The best part of day 2 was that the children had the best time of us all. From exciting games, food, gifts, chocolates, and so on, there was no end to their entertainment. The carnival theme, as mentioned earlier, created an enchanting atmosphere that immersed them in a world of mystery and excitement throughout the event.

aikyam 2023

The Vogue Excellence Awards

Good work is to be recognized and every year at AIKYAM, the most vivid and vibrant people in each department are given awards. With different categories of awards in all departments, the excellent and the most deserving people were acknowledged for their performances with the appropriate awards.

aikyam 2023

Team Vogue Fiesta – The Fashion Show

To culminate such a marvelous event, a stylish fashion show proved to be the perfect grand finale. Our employees showcased their most chic and fashionable looks as they confidently walked the ramp, striking winning poses to impress the audience. The competition was fierce, but in the end, the marketing team emerged as the victorious champions.

aikyam 2023

The End

The grand extravagant and biggest tech event of the year AIKYAM 2023 has come to an end. Working in an organization, it is very much important to know where it stands in the industry and hence AIKAYAM is that event that is a self-evaluation of how as an organization we are moving forward. This is not the end. AIKYAM is coming back stronger and better in the coming years. 

Until then, this is AIKYAM 2023 signing off. 

aikyam 2023