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Document Generation of XfilesPro is the number 1 product to have your documents generated automatically be it for any vertical. With 10X faster document generation speed, Document Generation comes up with the most persuading features such as creating and importing new templates, multiple document support, custom note addition, e-signature attachment, and customized template creation.

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Futureproof your documents with XfilesPro DocuPrime for your exponential growth

Helping customers with ingenuine document generation with high-end technology to achieve seamless workflow.

Access Control

You do not need to worry anymore about who is going to access your file. Bring in the magic of XfilesPro DouPrime.

Multiple Document Support

XfilesPro DocuPrime supports all popular formats making your document presentation easier and suitable for the demanded occasions.


With XfilesPro DocuPrime supporting all the popular third-party e-signs, this never-ending problem for an admin is also sorted.

Customized template creation

A one-stop abode for all your document generation queries. We provide ready-made and customized templates as per your needs.

Pricing Plans

Highly Flexible Pricing Plans to Suit your Business Needs. 15-Day Free Trial.

Additional Pricing Information

  • We offer subsidized pricing to community users
  • Org-wide pricing plans for high-volume users
  • Discounts available for non-profits


Per User Per Month (Billed Annually)

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