Finally, Salesforce World Tour Sydney is done and dusted. A year-long wait for one of the biggest tech events winded up on a high note.

More than an event, World Tour Sydney turned out to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us. The biggest platform unleashed a great opportunity for us to rejoin the pool of innovation enthusiasts. We met global Trailblazers who came to witness how trusted AI could transform customer experiences. Moreover, we could show them the future of document management in Salesforce. 

It’s a lot that happened at ICC Sydney. In this blog, we will share a summary of our experience at the Salesforce Tour. Stay curious to explore our amazing moments at World Tour Sydney 2024 while you continue reading this article.

Being a Platinum Sponsor Twice in a Row 

It was incredible to host World Tour Sydney as a top-tier Platinum Sponsor consecutively for two years. We have experienced the enormous possibilities that this premium sponsorship offers to widen our possibilities. Just like last year, we stood out among the crowd with our exceptional offerings and innovative solutions, which made XfilesPro an inevitable part of World Tour Sydney. The Platinum Sponsorship also provided us with the opportunity to meet once again some of the eminent Salesforce Tour attendees of last year. 

Cheers to wearing the premium crown for many more years!

Team XfilesPro spotted in front of Platinum Sponsor booth at Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2024

Hosted an Insightful Theater Session Followed by Last Year 

One more time, we received the privilege of hosting an interactive and informative Theatre Session at the World Tour. Our outstanding speakers Harish Kumar (Director, Co-founder) and Rakesh Rao (AVP, Sales) spoke in detail about ‘Document Management With XfilesPro: Smarter, Faster, Better’ in the presence of innovation enthusiasts from around the world.

During the 20-minute live program, they unveiled the best ways to manage huge document volumes in Salesforce and how XfilesPro can set them up for document management success. Harish and Rakesh have also shown the advancements XfilesPro offers to achieve an efficient and seamless document generation, storage, and collaborative experience for Salesforce users.

Team XfilesPro hosting the Theatre Session at Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2024

We can’t leave unsaid the fact the response of our audience blew us away as they expressed strong interest in learning more about the solution and how XfilesPro can empower their business.

Team XfilesPro presenting the Theatre Session in front of Salesforce World Tour Sydney attendees

Team XfilesPro networking with Trailblazers at Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2024

Presented an Exceptional Demo at the Demo Jam 

For the second year, team XfilesPro knocked out the Trailblazers by showcasing an exceptional demo of our product. XfilesPro was one of those few applications with the supreme privilege of being presented in the Demo Jam this year. Our product experts Haish Kumar, Priyadarshi Sahu, and Libin Jose were in full beans to demonstrate XfilesPro to the enthusiastic group of audience. We received immense appreciation and a huge round of applause from them, which marked the victory in our hearts! Truly, XfilesPro was the star of the show!

Seeing XfilesPro’s Booth Turning to a Crowd Puller

It felt like a never-before experience when we witnessed the big crowd that joined our Platinum Sponsor booth. We were thrilled to notice the keen interest that Trailblazers have shown in learning in detail about XfilesPro and its advancements. Some came to see our document generation and management apps in action and others wanted to know how fit the products are to their business demands. The best part was that we have onboarded new partners, met customers, and opened new business opportunities — everything at our lucky booth.

The crowd joined at XfilesPro’s Platinum Sponsor booth at Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2024

Team XfilesPro hosting World Tour attendees at Platinum Sponsor booth

Reunited with the Vibrant Trailblazer Community 

Every year attending the Salesforce Tour, we feel it’s our first time. Because, each year brings us surprises and wow moments that make us more curious and excited about the event. This year, we have experienced the huge potential of the attendees as we met many of them in person. We networked with them, shared insights, and had fun at World Tour Sydney. It was a great opportunity for us and them to open windows to new business possibilities together.

Team XfilesPro meeting Salesforce World Tour attendees at ICC Sydney

Team XfilesPro reunited with Trailblazers at Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2024

So, we have decided to stay back! As we feel that there are many opportunities and people to meet, our team decided to stay in and around Sydney and Melbourne for two more weeks post-World Tour. If you wish to meet with them to discuss opportunities, schedule a meeting here. They are near to you!

Wrapping Up 

That’s how the Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2024 turned out. With the amazing experience and memories we have gathered in a day, here we bid adieu to the much-awaited tech summit. 

Until next time, see you folks!

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