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The Next-Gen Approach

The time is here to say goodbye to file management challenges in Salesforce. With XfilesPro, seamlessly migrate your huge volumes of files and attachments to Google (Team) Drive with 100% collaboration and view within the CRM platform. Set up a secure integration between the systems using XfilesPro and level up the file management capabilities while achieving real-time synchronization for files, boosting file accessibility and visibility, improving efficiency, and reducing storage costs.

Support for Multiple External Storages: Cloud & On-premise

Centralized Content Management & Seamless File Collaboration

Automated File Archiving Capability

Smart Folder Management

Enhanced Visibility & Global Search for Files

File/Folder Syncing

With XfilesPro in your arsenal, it’s extremely easy to integrate Salesforce with Google (Team) Drive and transform the file management needs of your organization. So, what’s holding you back?

What XfilesPro Will Bring to You

  • 3X+ ROI (80%+ Direct Cost Savings)
  • Improved File Accessibility
  • External & Internal User Collaboration
  • Community User File Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Better File Collaboration


Have been using them for over 2 years and they do a great job. Customer service has been AMAZING! Has saved us a bunch of money on file storage and when we had to change orgs we did not have any problems at all because all of our files were in Google Drive.
Andrew Darlington
A Successful XfilesPro Implementation Story

Australian Technology Company

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