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Easy & More Secure

Rise above the limitations of file storage in Salesforce through smart integration with OneDrive. Build a highly intuitive and centralized file management system for your enterprise, ensure scalability for the file storage, and future-proof your storage costs by migrating Salesforce files and attachments to OneDrive. All without losing out on file accessibility, visibility, or security.

Support for Multiple External Storages: Cloud & On-premise

Centralized Content Management & Seamless File Collaboration

Automated File Archiving Capability

Smart Folder Management

Enhanced Visibility & Global Search for Files

File/Folder Syncing

So, say goodbye to the hassles of limited file storage and use XfilesPro to set up a seamless collaboration between your Salesforce and OneDrive.

What XfilesPro Will Bring to You

  • 3X+ ROI (80%+ Direct Cost Savings)
  • Improved File Accessibility
  • External & Internal User Collaboration
  • Community User File Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Better File Collaboration

Great Salesforce App for File Storage!

This is a great Salesforce App for migrating Salesforce File Storage to a cloud service such as OneDrive or Amazon Web Services. The team was extremely responsive and kept us aware of the project status the whole way. I would definitely recommend this App and will come back next time I need a project done for Data or File Storage in Salesforce.

Steffen Lewis

A Successful XfilesPro Implementation Story

Oil & Gas Industry Solution Provider

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