It’s another hectic day at work! Your inbox is continuously hit by ‘High Important’ emails. Your calendar is blocked with back-to-back meetings. Your chat is burning with serious group discussions.

Suddenly, there arrives an email from your team lead asking you to create five sales quotations immediately with different customization to each document. You know that to generate five different documents, you need to pull data from varied Salesforce Objects, which is a tedious and time-consuming task. 

You are realizing that you’re going to have a long day ahead! (Long sigh!)

Now, tell us, how many of you saw yourself in this situation? Have you ever been asked to create multiple documents in a row with different customization for each?

If yes, we recommend you embrace auto document generation in Salesforce which will make your life easier!

What is Auto Document Generation in Salesforce?

In brief, document generation allows you to automate the creation of documents of all types and sizes within Salesforce by garnering data from different sources and producing a PDF or HTML document based on a template. The use cases of auto document generation in Salesforce are endless, from creating thankyou letters, quotes, and contracts to building complex reports — all with one click.

Why Your Business Needs an Auto Document Generator in Salesforce? To level it up! Having an auto document generator implemented in your Salesforce org means that you own a cloud-based service that lets you create documents in a flash with up-to-date data, help you collaborate between teams, move through different workflows, and many more.

Want to know further?

Here’re some major reasons we teased out to recount why a Salesforce document generator is an absolute must for your business.

  1. Strong Data Compliance
How can auto-document generation boost data compliance? You ask? After having adopted automation for your document creation in Salesforce, you will eventually experience a substantial enhancement in data compliance. With this workflow, only authorized individuals can access their documents via Salesforce and can only merge either Salesforce or third-party data into those documents. So, if you have certain rules in place, you can be better able to enforce them with this intelligent, uniform workflow.
  1. High Data Security
A survey shows that 68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing. If you belong to this group, trust us, automating document generation in Salesforce can help you easily overcome this hurdle.


An auto document generator can limit the data (including pricing, financial figures, sales results, etc.) exposure to unnecessary desktops and it smartly prevents the data from accidentally falling into the hands of the wrong parties. Because, your data and document are placed in a single repository, where you can control the data delivery and permission.

  1. Error-Free Documents
Think, how often you do correct your mistakes in a document? Once, twice, thrice … ‘N’ number of times, in fact!

If you have an auto document generator, you can leave this headache behind as it will collect data from different Objects automatically. So, there leaves no chance of human errors! And, this is the only modern strategy to thoroughly vet your documents for mistakes.

So, give it a try!

  1. Consistent Marketing Plans
What does that mean? Whether you own a 25-person start-up or a 10,000-person enterprise, your organization must appear as a consistent brand both on voice and visual fronts. Having access to a document composition system for all teams can reinforce your marketing execution with the consistency it demands. The workflow will help you be more cognizant of word choices, branded colors, logos, fonts, and other characteristics. And, needless to say, building a strong brand consistency can heighten your recognition and bolster your identity.
  1. Process Acceleration

Your document generation process speeds up at a fast rate with automation. Your teams will spend far less time formatting, cutting, and pasting the data, and they can produce documents freely on the fly. No matter whether you’re creating a graphical presentation or writing a lengthy proposal or a basic offer letter, you will recognize that the plans will evolve from idea to conception far more productively with fewer loose ends.

It’s Your Call

Now that you’ve learned about some top benefits that auto document generation in Salesforce can unleash. So, call your shots for the most reliable, powerful auto document generator in the market.

And we have nothing other than XfilesPro DocuPrime to recommend for you! Our native application is built for smart Salesforce users like you who focus on strategic business growth by cutting hour-long processes and automating them. Yeah, sounds like you’re heading toward our next-gen application!

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