The future of business is coming to Dubai, and so are we!

We’re immensely proud to announce that we are a Gold Sponsor of Salesforce World Tour Essentials Dubai 2024

While the global Ohana gathers to discover new product innovations and the winning formula of CRM + AI + Data + Trust, we can’t resist joining the enthusiastic crowd. So, we’re meeting you at the Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre, Booth Number 3 on 16th July 2024 with solutions for some of your major pain points using Salesforce. 

Unveiling Innovative Products at World Tour Essentials Dubai 

As the world steps into a new era of technology at World Tour Essentials Dubai, team XfilesPro is thrilled to expand our horizon further in the Gulf Tiger. We will not only connect with business leaders and tech enthusiasts at the biggest annual event but also look forward to meeting our customers and learning from them about their new requirements. 

Along with XfilesPro, we’re bringing a wide range of advanced applications to the event that are capable of resolving potential challenges of Salesforce users. You will explore solutions for efficient document and data management, seamless Salesforce integration, real-estate automation application, and many more upon joining us. 

So, make sure you meet our team at World Tour Essentials Dubai!

Why You Need to Join Team XfilesPro? 

We welcome you to Booth 3 to not miss an opportunity to explore the futuristic innovations in the document management realm of Salesforce. We’re proud to present XfilesPro as the fully-fledged solution for your end-to-end requirements for dealing with documents from its generation stage to getting them approved and stored in a secure environment. 

Let’s take a brief look at the advancements of XfilesPro before you head to our booth. 

Document Generation: This is the modern application you need to automate your daily document generation process in Salesforce. With XfilesPro’s auto document generation tool, you can create documents in bulk in any format either by using your existing template or building a new one. Needless to say, the application charts the way to increased process efficiency, reduced time, and productivity boost for your business.

Review, Approval, and eSign: Once the document is created, automatically route it for final review, approval, and eSign by multiple users and eliminate the repeated manual work and waiting time associated with it. Through review and approval automation with XfilesPro, you can streamline the workflow, ensure compliance, and accelerate the decision-making process with ease. 

Storage and Collaboration: Here’s where XfilesPro addresses the limited file storage concerns in Salesforce. As the growing documents eat up the file storage, XfilesPro helps you optimize the space by enabling the automatic movement of documents from Salesforce to any of your preferred external storage (SharePoint, AWS S3, OneDrive, Google Drive) by establishing a quick, seamless, and no-code integration between both platforms. So, you can rest assured about the freed-up storage space every time.

In short, XfilesPro offers a comprehensive and one-stop platform to accomplish the lifecycle of your Salesforce documents. And, it also means you need to stop by our booth and talk to our experts! 

They are eager to help you by; 

  • Presenting live demonstrations highlighting the advanced functionalities of XfilesPro
  • Learning your challenges and what you’re looking forward to achieve 
  • Explaining how XfilesPro can help you scale document management efficiency in Salesforce

Mark your calendar and join us at Salesforce World Tour Essentials by scheduling a meeting.

Looking forward to hosting you!

Achieve Document Management Excellence at Salesforce World Tour Essentials Dubai 2024

Join team XfilesPro to discover the advanced solutions to elevate and streamline your document management experience