The bygone year brought unprecedented changes in the business realm and proved to be a serious game-changer. But for our product, XfilesPro, it proved to be an amazing year where it emerged as the most preferred & trusted external file management & collaboration solution among Salesforce users. In 2020, we also made the most number of product releases where we constantly added new features & enhanced the existing ones.

Maintaining that trend even in this year, we have just released the latest version of the XfilesPro application and made it live on the AppExchange to help Salesforce customers transform their file storage needs with seamless external file collaboration. XfilesPro V6.0 is equipped with some new features and functionalities while the existing features have been significantly enhanced. Let’s have a sneak peek into some of the exciting latest features that we added in the last release.

  • ​Handling Special Characters for all Storage Providers – In the latest version, when a Salesforce folder or file name has the below-mentioned special characters in it, that are not supported by the cloud providers, XfilesPro offers the option to replace them with the user-specified characters or with the default characters.
    • Amazon S3 & | ‘ ” < > ~ [ `# } % ] {
    • Google Drive |
    • OneDrive filenames * < > ? : | “
    • OneDrive folder name * < > ? : | “ tested in drive
    • SharePoint * < > ? : | “
    • Local providers : * ? ” < > |

           Note: $ is not supported as a replaceable character for any of the providers.

  • Role & Hierarchy Based Setup (Bi-sync & List components)– In XfilesPro 6.0, now Salesforce admins can assign the action permissions to the users and profiles. If nothing is assigned to the user and profile, then by default the user will be able access the Org-level default app setup.
    • Upload
    • Download
    • Delete
    • Share
  • Auto Export (File Archiving Utility) – With the latest version, Salesforce files and attachments can easily be exported using the Export Utility without any manual intervention. Following is the criterion for the files:​
    • Minimum file size- 200 bytes
    • Maximum file size- upto 100 MB
    • SharePoint and OneDrive can be scheduled to auto-export files of upto 8 MB with the help of an additional scheduler code.
  • SharePoint – Additional Column Support from XfilesPro:​ The latest version of XfilesPro allows the custom columns present in the SharePoint storage to be shown in the Bi-Directional component, as per the customer’s need.

About XfilesPro

XfilesPro is an advanced file management & collaboration solution designed especially for Salesforce users. Using this application, Salesforce users (both standard & community) can choose among a wide range of external file storage systems to integrate with their native Salesforce application to store Salesforce files of any size externally. These include multiple Cloud platforms like SharePoint, AWS S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, & Dropbox as well as on-premise systems like SMB, SFTP, & Network Drive. With over 200+ customers across the globe, XfilesPro now has over 300K+ licensed users across 15+ industries that enjoy seamless collaboration & multiple other benefits. 

Try out all the new capabilities by installing the app from AppExchange today. Get started here.