Maintaining the continuum, AIKYAM 2024 is coming soon to ‘x’pose the Ne(X)t Wave, Envisioning the Future of Tech with a T3 patch!

Going forward with Tech, Trends, and Transcends (T3),  this year we have some ‘x’traordinary goals in the moving! New product releases, back-to-session, discussions, and innovative accelerations with our all-new AI in the pipeline. 

Now that AIKYAM dates are confirmed, you might want to know – what it is about, who it’s for,  the attendees, when is the event, what sessions will follow, and the event highlights, this serves as a complete guide. For a quick prequel, here’s a taste of the conference from previous years.

What is AIKYAM? 

A flagship event from CEPTES products is to be hosted annually by CEPTES Products, representing the concord of alliance across departments, in discussing new adaptations, futuristic tools in the contributions and diversity inclusions that are helping us to break barriers and pave the path of success. 

Who is AIKYAM Intended for?

A CEPTES-exclusive event is inclusive of a broad spectrum of in-house participants including C-suits, entry-level to lead developers, marketers, and sales MVPs where we introduce & renovate the development cycle for our Salesforce-based products and set a track for the next best privileges that reflect as customer success. 

What’s the Purpose of AIKYAM? 

At CEPTES, a pure-play Salesforce platform, we believe that –continuous improvement isn’t a one-time effort; it’s a journey of refining, learning, and evolving our development models for sustained success

In 2024, we have added quite a few greenhorns who are unknown to CEPTES traditions. Alongside we have grown professionals who have spent decades building this success model at CEPTES and are eager to create an institution for the new hive. Hence the opportunity hits perfectly where we can have AIKYAM bridge the knowledge -gap!

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What are the Key Learning Goals AIKYAM Focuses On? 

At every AIKYAM we make arrangements to invite ground opportunities to nurture a comprehensive product cycle that befits professional efficacy. It prises to stay on the lookout, focused on –

  • Inter-departmental knowledge flow 
  • New developments in the roll
  • Tech-in-vision to concentrate goals under the ballpark 
  • Breaking the monotony & bringing momentum
  • Close opportunity gaps to shatter in-house silos
  • Encourage open suggestions & improvements ahead
  • And lots of  activities and fun 

In short, it’s all about learning, inspiring, transpiring, having fun, and after-party as a must! Better to keep the ears on the ground as we will be spilling the beans about the after-event party details right at the event. 

What’s The Ne(X)t Wave Expected at AIKYAM 2024?

We often say that we share the DNA of innovation with Salesforce. To match the pace of AIKYAM T3 for Tech, Trends, and Transcends, we are about to rewrite the future of XfilesPro as a smart application that constitutes the entire customer lifecycle management in Salesforce AI CRM. As a part of focussed innovations, there are a bunch of new features awaiting the release, followed by a busy workflow to welcome AI-assisted capabilities to transform the user’s document management goals in Salesforce. This promises to bring out the true ‘X–factor for the product XfilesPro, going forward. 

AIKYAM’s Event Date & Venue 

AIKYAM takes place each year from around July to September. This year we are hosting it early and the event is due to take place March 30th, 2024.

Now that you have the lowdown of everything about this lucrative ‘X’po, it is time to live up to beat for AIKYAM 2024!  

And, we do not want to deprive our Captain FiDo fans of missing out on all the ‘x’tra ordinary things we will be announced at the event on XfilesPro. For all 500+ FiDo fans out there we promise to keep you updated about all new XfilePro for Salesforce document management soon.

Till then stay ‘x’cited!

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