Data and documents are at the center of every business process in Salesforce. However, the profuseness of documents always creates challenges for users as effective document management in Salesforce is not everyone’s forte. 

Having said that, your challenges in managing Salesforce documents shouldn’t impede the growth of your growing business. 

As a Nitro study reports, 50% of employees spend productive time creating and managing documents, which shows the very limited time they left to focus on their high-value work. 

The only solution for this challenge is embracing a robust document management solution for Salesforce! Before learning how can such a solution help your, let’s take a look at document management in Salesforce. 

What is Document Management in Salesforce? 

Simply defined, document management in Salesforce is how a company creates, organizes, stores, accesses, and manages its day-to-day documents such as PDF, Word, JPG, PPT, etc., within the CRM platform. 

Whether your business falls in the range of a small, medium, or large scale, you are required to manage a  plethora of documents inside your Salesforce, which are created through many means such as email attachments, manual uploads, or 3rd-party app generated. 

The challenge is that document management is a long, time-consuming process for most organizations, and many fail to identify the right way to tackle the huge volumes of documents. The biggest concern is if you don’t manage the documents intelligently, you will exceed the Salesforce file storage cap, which is a big red flag. 

How Embracing a Document Management System for Salesforce Help?

It’s widely held that businesses managing millions of documents can benefit from document management solutions. This belief is true considering the advantages that the implementation of a document management system (DMS) in Salesforce can drive for your business. 

How Embracing a Document Management System for Salesforce Help?

While Salesforce offers several capabilities for document management, many organizations seek the support of a 3rd party document management solution that covers their end-to-end requirements. Some of the big benefits of a document management system for Salesforce include;

  • 100% Process Automation 

The primary goal of implementing a document management solution in Salesforce is to remove the complete human efforts involved in it. A modern document management system delivers advanced capabilities that automate the full cycle of your document — from the generation stage to storing them in a secure repository, instead of Salesforce file storage. 

  • Better Salesforce Storage Management

Considering the limited file storage that Salesforce provides, it’s impossible to accommodate a huge volume of documents inside the CRM. However, the smartness of your document management system can come in handy here. If your DMS is capable of moving the massive volume of documents out of the Org and freeing up the storage space, you can leverage a seamless storage management experience, as the document migration unlocks unlimited Salesforce file storage space.

  • Enhanced Business Efficiency   

Adopting a document management solution for Salesforce boosts your productivity by reducing the time and effort needed to build, manage, and store documents. For instance, if operations such as contract creation in bulk, sending it for approval, and storing it in a different platform can be automated in Salesforce, your workers can focus on their strategic operations. In other words, the more you minimize the time for document management and accelerate the decision-making cycle, you will augment the efficiency.

  • Impeccable Compliance and Strong Security 

Since many industries must adhere to several compliance demands regarding data management and security, your business should build a foolproof strategy to fulfill those requirements. When you get your hands on a Salesforce document management system that understands your regulatory requirements such as retention policies and the security of the storage repository, you can eliminate the risk of legal consequences and reputational damages that could hurt your business’ bottom line. 

  • Huge Cost Savings 

Once you exceed the Salesforce file storage limit, you need to upgrade the storage space for a certain cost. What if that space also gets exhausted? You will upgrade it again. But how long this strategy can last as a sustainable approach considering the money loss associated with it? With an efficient document management solution, you can address this concern by eliminating the need for storage upgradation as documents are moved out of Salesforce and the file storage space is always freed up.  

Choosing the Right Document Management System for Salesforce 

Now that you have learned about the major advantages of implementing a document management system in Salesforce, it’s time to think about adopting one for your business. We recommend you give it a try to XfilesPro, the all-in-one document management system for Salesforce. XfilesPro makes it easier than ever to create, store, and manage the documents that mount up inside the CRM. 

With two applications specifically built for Salesforce file management and auto document generation, XfilesPro unleashes a secure, advanced, and fully-fledged document management platform for Salesforce users. 

Let’s take a look at both applications, their functionality, and how they empower Salesforce users to overcome one of their never-ending fears — document management. 

#1: XfilesPro DocuPrime: The Advanced Document Generation App for Salesforce 

XfilesPro DocuPrime is the new and trending name in the realm of auto document generation in Salesforce. As a superior document generation app, XfilesPro DocuPrime leverages the power of automation to create your documents, whether it’s quotes, contracts, proposals, or the offer letter your HR team needs, completely inside Salesforce. 

XfilesPro DocuPrime: The Cost-effective Salesforce document generator

From the data fetching stage to eSign and sending the final documents for approval, XfilesPro DocuPrime gives a new definition of easiness for the document generation process, which people consider an ever-complicated task. The best part is that it all occurs in one click within the CRM platform so that neither the data nor the document moves out of Salesforce, causing no harm to your compliance guidelines.

#2. XfilesPro File Management: The Ultimate Solution for File and Storage Management in Salesforce 

XfilesPro’s file management application for Salesforce is renowned for being the ‘real life-saver’ for #AwesomeAdmins. As the most trusted and installed file management application for Salesforce, XfilesPro eliminates the need for file storage upgrades. 

Whether the document is generated through your document creation app, via email, or through user uploads, the application automatically moves the documents from Salesforce’s file storage space to your preferred external cloud storage such as SharePoint, AWS S3, Google Drive, and OneDrive, helping you optimize the storage space. 

XfilesPro: The leading document management app for Salesforce

With the power of high-standard functionalities including customized folder structure, document collaboration, and document security, XfilesPro makes Salesforce file management an easier game like no other!

Over to You

Now that you have dived into the ocean of document management in Salesforce, get XfilesPro from AppExchange and witness the transition it drives to your business. Else, if you prefer to see any of the two applications in action, schedule a demo with one of our product experts. We’re happy to assist you in any way!

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