A well-versed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is knowledgeable in road mapping development and overseeing the current technology to align it with their business. No surprise, CTOs who leverage cloud platforms like Salesforce prioritize investing in an advanced document management system (DMS) for their sales or any other internal teams to enhance operational efficiencies, and save […]

In an era where AI is becoming ubiquitous, talking about the significance of digital document management might sound bizarre to you.  But let us hold you there! There are many business owners who still feel their business is too small to manage documents digitally or that having a document management system is not applicable to […]

Data and documents are at the center of every business process in Salesforce. However, the profuseness of documents always creates challenges for users as effective document management in Salesforce is not everyone’s forte.  Having said that, your challenges in managing Salesforce documents shouldn’t impede the growth of your growing business.  As a Nitro study reports, […]

10 years…And it just went in the blink of an eye.  From being launched in 2012 as a free app supporting AWS S3 to being the most trusted, installed, and fully-fledged document management system for Salesforce today, XfilesPro made strides like nobody ever.  Harish Kumar, CEO and Co-founder of CEPTES adds, “Beyond a file management […]

Imagine this scenario.  Finally, your dream of starting your own business sees the daylight. Your company hits the market, so you’re keen on taking it forward. You ponder on all ways to start it in full zeal considering different aspects of a business. That is when you came across Salesforce, the #1 CRM in the […]

Today, enterprises expect their CRM systems to be more than just document repositories because of workflows, proposals, agreements and various other client information need to be managed periodically. Therefore document management is definitely one of the most important features that companies look for in their CRM systems. This feature facilitates nearly all of the sales […]