Ever felt that you are spending too much time creating, navigating, migrating, and altogether managing documents within Salesforce? Not only the amount of time but did you notice that your productivity and energy level were also ruined because of these mundane tasks on a daily basis?

If yes, it sounds like your business might be in need of a document management solution for Salesforce. To determine whether it’s time for your organization to implement one such solution, there are some signs to be considered. Let’s dive in and see if these signs ring a bell for you.

  • Reduced File Storage Space in Salesforce

Your growing business also comes with the burden of growing volumes of documents inside Salesforce. You need to have sufficient storage space to accommodate the massive number of files and attachments generated inside the CRM after every business process. 

But Salesforce throws a spanner in your work here!
As you know, the CRM platform offers a limited file storage space and it makes it easier to exceed the storage capacity. Such situations demand you to upgrade the Salesforce file storage space consecutively for a high cost, which can take a toll on your bottom line.

  • Loads of Manual Work

Dealing with a massive amount of documents is never easy. It requires too much manual effort to fulfill the document lifecycle within Salesforce. For example, if you are building a document manually, your productive hours are highly consumed as you need to fetch every data from multiple Objects.
And, after the document creation? You again need to share it with authorized personnel for approval and eSign. After all, you still need to put your effort into moving the document from Salesforce to any other platform to secure the storage cap.
If your operations rely too much on manual work, you need to implement a document management solution for Salesforce.

  • Inability for Document Retention 

If your business belongs to certain industries like healthcare, real estate, or finance, you know the rule – you need to preserve your documents for a long period of time. The violation of the compliance guidelines not only sets your business up for huge penalties but also causes reputational damages for your organization. 

But how to retain every document for many years considering the limited file storage Salesforce offers? Especially when you can’t afford to upgrade the storage space recurrently?  

Here’s where the significance of a document management solution lies. 

  • Lack of Document Security 

Are you allowed to access the confidential data belonging to any other department of your organization? No, right? The same goes for employees in every department in every organization. Nobody shouldn’t be able to access the document and data belongs to some other teams.
If you are a little skeptical about the security of your documents or if you feel that there is a chance unauthorized users might access your data, you need to seek the support of a Salesforce document management solution. This is the only way to restrict unwanted access to your critical Salesforce documents and make sure the data is safe and sound.

  • Inefficient Collaboration 

Imagine the time it takes a document to return back to the originator after the contribution made by every team member. Is that a very quick or time-consuming process? We know the latter will be your answer. Have you thought about the perks of your team members working on a document simultaneously? How would it be if the modifications were made in real time on documents?

You know it will result in highly efficient collaboration among workers. If your workflow misses such a productive, real-time document collaborative experience, it’s high time for a smart document management solution for you. 

  •  Uneasy Navigation of Documents 

Navigating a document out of plenty of scattered documents is a nail-biting task always. Salesforce users can feel this pain more as the CRM provider doesn’t offer the capability to create folders to arrange documents and locate them easily. If you think the uneasy navigation of documents disrupts employee productivity, it’s a big sign that you need to welcome a document management solution.

Superior document management solutions come with advanced functionalities to build folder structure inside Salesforce within which you can arrange documents in your preferred way. It will help you locate, navigate, and access a document easily without any confusion. 

The XfilesPro Solution 

Have you noticed the above signs in your document management workflow? If ‘yes,’ consider XfilesPro as your perfect document management solution for Salesforce. The no.1 document management application on AppExchange, XfilesPro can efficiently take care of your complete document management requirements within Salesforce. 

With XfilesPro, you can secure the file storage from hitting the limit, automate end-to-end document workflow, retain documents and meet regulations, ensure security, enhance collaboration, and build folder structure within Salesforce. This document management application aims to set your business up for document success with many more advanced functionalities. 

To learn more about XfilesPro, get in touch with our product expert.