Blowing the Trailblazer community away with some groundbreaking announcements on the ‘AI revolution,’ World Tour London buttoned up on a high note! Experiencing the potential of the event firsthand, we must say that World Tour London is your ticket to the future of tech.


  • Salesforce has launched its first-ever dedicated AI Center in London to deal with rising customer demand for the technology. 
  • This new space will allow industry experts, developers, and customers to collaborate on innovation and develop new skills. 

“AI has the potential to drive major growth for UK businesses – with the UK AI market predicted to reach over $1 trillion by 2035. To realize this opportunity, industry-leading experts must work together to develop innovative solutions and overcome obstacles,” says Zahra Bahrololoumi, CEO of Salesforce UK.

A glimpse from the D-day of World Tour London

Moreover, Salesforce has introduced over 200 new Data Cloud Connections, including integrations with social media giants Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Meta during the event. 

So, how can we resist ourselves from saying that World Tour London is a gateway to the future of tech?

A One-of-a-kind Experience 

For XfilesPro, World Tour London was an outstanding opportunity to extend our footprint in the UK market. We debuted the event as a sponsor that brought a fully-fledged document management solution to empower Salesforce users.

Trailblazers gathering at the Navigator booth of XfilesPro at World Tour London

Here’s how our World Tour day at ExCel London went.

Showcased the XfilesPro Potential 

We were thrilled to witness how the XfilesPro booth turned out to be a crowd-puller at the World Tour London. Trailblazers from around the world and varied industries including education, finance, and technology joined our experts to discover how XfilesPro can level up and streamline their document management experience in Salesforce. 

While a huge number of booth visitors showed interest in exploring our document generation application, the number of attendees wanting to learn more about the storage and collaboration app was even more. Based on their requirements, compliance needs, and challenges, Salesforce users voiced a variety of concerns.

Team XfilesPro hosts World Tour London as a Navigator Sponsor

The best part was that XfilesPro knocked everyone’s socks off with its advanced functionalities! 

Our ground-breaking solution is a perfect fit for the European market as XfilesPro is packed with multiple functionalities along with security features. Customers can not only generate and store documents in their preferred location using XfilesPro, but the app offers eSignature, secure document sharing, secure document access, seamless collaboration, and much more. We were delighted to see the response and can’t wait to work with new European businesses.

Building Global Connections

Beyond hosting an amazing crowd at the booth, World Tour London also provided us with an opportunity to extend our network to hundreds of more Trailblazers. We were immersed in the pool of innovation seekers and business leaders who look forward to scaling nothing less than excellence in their business. We met, exchanged ideas, and talked business, all while having enormous fun. 

Needless to say, the post-event networking was the cherry on top, which opened the door to more business opportunities for us. We received a lot of partnership proposals, product queries, and many other chances to win together with the growing community.

Team XfilesPro at their Navigator booth during World Tour London


“World Tour London hit it out of the park! We met some tech enthusiasts who were in search of solutions for their document handling challenges. I’m glad they found XfilesPro”

Says Harish Kumar, CEO & Co-founder of CEPTES

Meeting More Trailblazers 

Although we connected with a massive crowd during World Tour London, we would like to meet many more. Because we understand that it’s high time Salesforce users need to supercharge their document management operations using XfilesPro. 

So, our team has decided to stay in London for some more days. We will meet our customers, partners, and anyone interested in elevating their business with us. If you missed visiting our booth during the event and would like to meet the team, please schedule a meeting. They are thrilled to see you!

The Bottom Line

World Tour London was a spectacular experience. We have witnessed the magic of CRM + AI + Data + Trust in building business. With the amazing memories and opportunities we gathered, here we bid adieu to one of the much-awaited Salesforce Tours by expressing heartfelt gratitude to every Trailblazer who joined us. 

See you next time!

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