We’re just days away from World Tour London and we can’t wait to showcase our #1 document management application XfilesPro as an event sponsor.

It’s time for the global Trailblazer community to reunite at the heart of Britain to witness the latest Salesforce magic and stay ahead of the curve with innovations powered by CRM + AI + Data + Trust. With 70+ sessions, 15K+ attendees, 2K+ partners and customers, and 100+ sponsors, World Tour London will be the biggest Salesforce event in Europe. 

What gives us goosebumps is that XfilesPro is one of the proud Navigator Sponsors of World Tour London! We are thrilled to make our debut at this best-of-world tour as a sponsor bringing powerful solutions to transform Salesforce users’ workflow.

XfilesPro is announced as the Navigator Sponsor of World Tour London

So, our team is soon heading to Europe to join the pool of Ohana!

The Salesforce Surge in Europe

Salesforce is booming in Europe like never before. Businesses across industries including financial, healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, retail, and lifestyle are actively using the Salesforce platform to streamline their workflow. 

European businesses leverage the Sales Cloud immensely to streamline and optimize their sales process, enhance productivity, and generate data-driven insights as the application helps the teams manage and track leads and customer interactions. 

On the other hand, Service Cloud gained popularity in Europe for elevating customer service by putting AI-powered services, omnichannel support, and field and knowledge management into play.

Several reasons including Europe’s acute focus on customer service, compliance and data security, strategic acquisitions, and partnerships make Salesforce successful in the market. 

The Challenges with Document Management for European Companies

Although the European market is a fertile ground for Salesforce, the users widely experience some common challenges in managing documents. Here are some of them;

Compliance with GDPR

Data protection is a major concern for European businesses, especially with stringent regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which demands businesses to handle customer data with utmost care. Moreover, different industries have their own regulatory conditions for handling documents. That means the document management solution they invest in for Salesforce should comply with these regulations and provide tools and frameworks that help businesses meet those requirements. 

Data & Document Security

Dealing with compliance regulations also imposes the responsibility to ensure the strong security of the data and documents. The solution should ensure that unauthorized users do not access vital business documents and that there is no chance that they land in the wrong hands. Any breach of the data would cause huge penalties and a bad reputation for the company. 


As the business grows, document management demands also evolve. The daily requirements for document creation and handling will be a daunting task, which will consume not only the employees’ hours but also the file storage space of the CRM. So, Salesforce users must be equipped with efficient file storage space and storage management functionalities that can scale without compromising on the app’s performance. 

Understanding the gravity of the above challenges and many others that Salesforce users in Europe encounter, XfilesPro is bringing its complete suite of document management to World Tour London. We are proud to showcase the XfilesPro expertise and how it can transform your everyday document dealings. 

How XfilesPro Revolutionizes the Document Management Game?

Upon meeting us at World Tour London, you will witness an extraordinary platform to take care of your end-to-end document management needs in Salesforce. From the document generation stage to sharing it for review and eSign to store it in a secure environment, XfilesPro deploys every functionality you need to accomplish the lifecycle of a document.  

Step 1: Initiating the Document Generation 

Say goodbye to your ever-complicated and time-consuming document creation process as XfilesPro automates it for you. Our document generator for Salesforce efficiently pulls data from various objects and allows you to create documents by either importing templates or building new ones. With this app, you can effortlessly generate documents of any type, size, or quantity without requiring manual intervention.

Step 2: Sharing it for Review, Approval, and eSign

So, the document is generated. Now, you need to route it for review and approval by multiple personnel. With XfilesPro, you can rest assured that this stage of the document lifecycle is also automated, which makes the approval quick and seamless. Later, you can have your documents reach the hands of authorized users who can eSign and accomplish the process. 

Step 3: Storing Them Externally 

Finally, it’s time to store the documents in a secure environment other than Salesforce considering the limited storage space provided by the platform. With XfilesPro, you can integrate Salesforce with your preferred external storage including SharePoint, Google Drive, OneDrive, and AWS S3, and facilitate document migration. This helps you keep your file storage unaffected by document growth while achieving peace of mind about their security. 

That means the lifecycle of your document is completed in an advanced, automated, and easier way with XfilesPro. 

Now, let’s discuss how our solution can benefit European businesses. 

Staying Compliant: You can rest assured that your business adheres to GDPR guidelines, ensuring that your Salesforce documents are highly secured and retained for a longer time period in your reliable, preferred external storage. Moreover, XfilesPro supports SharePoint Tagging functionality, which helps the users add accurate tags against specific columns, which helps to easily fetch reports and run audits. 

Secured Documents: Firstly, XfilesPro provides an Access Control feature that ensures only authorized users access your vital information. Secondly, the Folder/File Preserve functionality adds more security to the files that are deployed to a particular user/group/profile. This functionality ensures that only people who belong to any of these categories will be able to access a document. Finally, XfilesPro has advanced security features to take care of your document-sharing process as well. 

Efficient Scalability: With XfilesPro, your Salesforce documents no longer reside in the Org, instead, they are moved to external storage owned by you (though linked with Salesforce). This means that the limited space of the file storage won’t pose any challenge to your workflow, ensuring that the CRM app is scalable with your evolving business needs.

Cost-savings: The migration of Salesforce documents to the external system not only frees up the storage space but also comes with monetary benefits. As your storage space is forever free, you don’t need to buy additional storage for an exorbitant amount of money. The elimination of this recurring storage upgrade saves you huge pennies.

Productivity Boost: Every XfilesPro functionality is meant to streamline your daily workflow. Be it auto document generation, eSign, document migration, storage integration, or collaboration, XfilesPro can automate a big part of your operation by eliminating the associated complexities. This helps the employees focus on their core jobs, enhancing productivity.

For more details, here’s the story of a staffing services provider in England, where XfilesPro helped them to stay within the storage cap irrespective of the growing document volume. 

Now, tell us, do you think is it worth meeting team XfiesPro at World Tour London?

What You Can Expect at Our Booth

At XfilesPro’s sponsor booth, we will be presenting live demos of our document generation and management applications. Our product experts will showcase the advanced functionalities of XfilesPro and how it can resolve your pain points. Plus, we will unleash a great chance for you to get event-day special offers on our products!

Let’s meet, network, and help each other at World Tour London!

Please schedule a meeting with us to avoid the last-minute rush!

Looking forward to hosting you at ExCeL London on 6th June 2024.

Elevate Your Document Management Experience From World Tour London Onward

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