World Tour London is back! And, we have good news!

We couldn’t be more proud and thrilled to announce that XfilesPro, the #1 document management application for Salesforce is making its debut at the best of World Tours as a proud Sponsor. 

XfilesPro as the Navigator Sponsor of World Tour London

Our team is heading to London to showcase the X-factor in the document management realm of Salesforce. 

As you’re excited to explore 70+ sessions, mind-blowing demos, and the top innovations powered by CRM, AI, Data, and Trust, here’s why you shouldn’t miss joining team us at ExCeL London on 6th June 2024. 

Showcasing the X-factor for Salesforce Document Management 

At World Tour London, XfilesPro is presenting a comprehensive suite for all your document management needs in Salesforce. Our platform is fully-fledged, advanced, and capable of accomplishing your everyday requirements to deal with Salesforce documents — from its creation to approval and storage in a secure environment. 

Here’s a brief overview of the capabilities you would explore upon meeting our team at the World Tour. 

   1.A Superior Solution for Automated Document Generation

Joining us, you will discover the cutting-edge functionalities of XfilesPro’s document generation app for Salesforce. Right from pulling data from various objects to creating the document either by importing your template or building a new one, XfilesPro’s document generator accomplishes document production in Salesforce with the power of automation. Using the app, you can create documents of any type, size, or quantity without your involvement.

   2. Later, Route it for Approval and eSign 

Once the document is generated in the Org, it’s time to channel it for review and approval by several users. With XfilesPro, you can automate this hectic process and eliminate the long waiting time associated with the multiple review and final approvals. And, after the approval, the document will land in the hands of authorized people for eSign.

   3. Finally, Store the Documents in a Repository

You’re done with review, approval, and eSign. Now, it’s time to store your documents somewhere out of Salesforce considering the limited file storage space of the platform. XfilesPro allows you to transfer documents from Salesforce to any of your preferred, secured external systems (SharePoint, OneDrive, AWS S3, & Google Drive) so that your file storage will never get exhausted. The best part is that since the external storage is owned by you, you will gain 100% ownership and control over your documents and no one else. 

Finally, once the documents are moved to the external repository, you have accomplished the lifecycle of your documents. 

That means a meet-up with team XfilesPro at World Tour London will give you the best opportunity to elevate your document management experience in Salesforce. We’re presenting you with a single platform for end-to-end document handling, which eliminates the need to switch between apps or deal with multiple vendors for different purposes. 

Not this alone, upon meeting us, you will also get the chance to discover the potential of many more applications including Salesforce data archive and backup, and no-code integration. Plus, there will be a door to join our Partner Program and our growing community.

So, shall we meet and help each other?

Don’t forget to stop by our booth at ExCel London! Before that, please book a slot here to avoid the rush!

Looking forward to seeing you!

Let World Tour London be Your Gateway to Advanced Document Management

Join Team XfilesPro to discover the best ways to elevate your document management experience

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