If you have ever kept your clients waiting, then be pretty sure that you have at one point or the other let them down. Sales has indeed become an integral part of all the enterprises and the core of all businesses these days. Throughout the entire lifecycle of any client, there are huge number of contacts, reports, opportunities, accounts and large number of documents of different types and needs. Since the requirement is always different, they also have different kind of storage and management which would cater to the perfect purpose.

When it comes to file storage then, Salesforce has a complete different kind of storage system, that would take utmost care to reduce the stress level over your memory. Hence, it will help you increase your space and let your venture grow in a better manner. It also has an agile approach towards storing the files. Salesforce over the years has dealt with various types of documents and files. In fact, they have been constantly improvising to cater to all the latest technologies and need. Initially, it was only restricted to few types of files, the system has been upgraded to accommodate every kind of file.

However, one of the most critical factors is the cost of the solution, as it turns out, it can sometimes be misleading. Many customers later discover, that in addition to the actual known price, there are some forced payments, which you have to clear to utilize the Salesforce file storage software more diligently. The cost of this file storage has always interrupted with many organizations workflow, especially the SMB’s. To relief this pain point, XfilesPro has been with organizations and help them get store their files with their own storage system at a less cost coverage.

Salesforce File Size Limitations:

The file size that is usually seen, is the 2 Gigabyte upper limit. This is in fact the maximum size allowed by the program. Since Salesforce has always been integrating with other applications, it should conform to all those limits where they are applied. For instance, if there is a 10 Megabyte limit to the file sizes in Google Docs. In a similar manner, the 5MB single file or the 10 MB file for attachment should not necessarily be a limit by the Salesforce, but one must adhere to it.

Achieving the Competitive Edge with XfilesPro

It’s Cost Effective:
You can always and easily save your money with XfilesPro, in case anytime you have exceeded your storage limit from Salesforce.

There is no Size Limitation:
If you are thinking about attaching any file of any size and type, then its high time you should choose for XfilesPro.

Most Compatible Network:
XfilesPro will assist you in establishing the most compatible and authentic network for your file storage.

It’s a Lightning Ready App:
It is a Lightning Ready application with 3.8 version, to provide a better and efficient support.

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Document Management Xfilespro

XfilesPro is a complete document management application built for Salesforce that offers end-to-end document management solutions including doc gen, eSignature, document storage & collaboration.