XfilesPro turned 9 years old and all the overwhelming from going overdrive has only attracted more and more success. XfilesPro more or less being the social butterfly of the AppExchange with an array of customers has evolved a lot over the coming years. This birthday, we decided to run a whole new makeover for the next-gen application by taking it one day at a time. 

The Arrival of Captain FiDo

With much joy and anticipation, on the anniversary day, FiDo was unveiled. FiDo is the product mascot for XfilesPro (file management) and document generation which is another new add-on utility that will be discussed in the later part of the blog. FiDo is already the customer favourite and is being loved by our customers. 

XfilesPro DocuPrime – The New Capability of Document Generation 

All are well aware of the exemplary features of XfilesPro that have been proven very promising and efficient when it comes to file management and external storage optimization. What if we told you that XfilesPro is empowered now with the power of document generation? That would be a rad move, right?  We have taken up this challenge and we present to you the XfilesPro DocuPrime. Now, you can have your documents created manually under any criteria and also manage your files all under one roof. 

The Introduction of the Partner Program

If you have products that are a helping hand for enterprises in crucial situations, then helping them to reach people is one of the fundamental things to do. That is where this partner program comes into the equation. We have partners who have decided to collaborate with XfilesPro taking into account the efficiency and ingenuine features of the application. These partners will be helping us to channel XfilesPro in the right direction and reach all the customers who are looking out for file management and external storage optimization applications. 

An Upcoming Face-lift with Advanced UI & New Innovations 

XfilesPro has been undergoing a lot of advancements and upgrades for increasing the user experience of the application. One such innovation is the inclusion of file backup. This is going to do a lot of good as file backup is a very important aspect when it comes to file management and storage optimization. 

With the inclusion of document generation, several new features are also being added to the product. The advancement that is taking place in the product is innovative and has a lot more than you are expecting. 

Last but not the least, we are thankful to all our existing customers and well-wishers who have been there with us all these years and have been availing of our service. It is because of your phenomenal support that we are still the number 1 application for file management and external storage collaboration on AppExchange of Salesforce. If you are still looking for a sustainable file management application, schedule a call with our product experts and enlighten yourself with the wonders XfilesPro can do to your Salesforce file storage and management.