Are you worried about exceeding the file storage limit in Salesforce? And, figured out that moving files hitting Salesforce’s Notes and Attachments to an external storage could be its solution?


But you don’t know how to move files. 

If you’re biting your nails about the manual migration of files from the CRM platform, rest assured that it’s smooth sailing from here onwards. In this how-to blog, we are providing you with a clear-cut picture of how you can auto-move files from your Salesforce Notes and Attachments to any of your preferred external storage.

Before that, let’s have a look at the Notes and Attachments in Salesforce. 

Notes and Attachments in Salesforce – The Unpopular Gem 

Salesforce files are all filled in under one single file repository in its file storage. Be it how many records you create, they all are stored under one location. Notes and attachments in Salesforce display all the files of a particular record. Also, this comes in handy with a lot of hindrances such as limited file storage space, minimal file collaboration, zero folder structure, and many more which is not an ideal solution.

Big businesses always have their files incoming continuously and henceforth the above drawbacks will be some pain points that they have to come across daily. 

Most of the time, files get accumulated in Notes and Attachments are through;

  • Email Attachments
  • Third-party applications
  • Manual upload

On that brief about the Notes and Attachments feature of Salesforce, let’s look into the most recommended way of transferring files from there to your preferred external environment.  

How to Make the Auto Migration Possible?

The best solution that has worked when it comes to moving the files from Salesforce is introducing a third-party application that helps in file automation within your Salesforce. And we have never had a better option than XfilesPro for this problem.

Trust us, the perks are promising and have been proven effective over the years. If you are curious enough to know about XfilesPro, keep reading especially the below segment. 

XfilesPro: The Most Trusted File Management App for Salesforce 

To address your Salesforce file storage management challenges, XfilesPro automatically moves files from the Notes and Attachments section of Salesforce to your preferred external storage such as SharePoint, Google Drive, OneDrive, AWS S3, or On-premises platform (SFTP, Network Drive, SMB) so that your CRM platform will remain unburdened of a massive volume of files. 

And, what about the story post-migration?

You are going to maximize the ROI by leveraging the advancements through the next-gen capabilities of XfilesPro. 

  • Preferred Folder Structure Formation 

This is one of the prominent benefits that XfilesPro provides to make your life easier. Since Salesforce does not offer a folder structure option for the users, XfilesPro helps you arrange files in your preferred format in folders. So, you can easily access files without any hassle in the external storage platform. 

Folder structure in Salesforce- an advanced functionality provided by XfilesPro to arrange files in specific folders

Learn more about XfilesPro’s Smart Folder Structure capability here.

  • Utmost File Security 

To ensure the files are untouched by unauthorized users in the external environment, XfilesPro delivers an Access Control capability. Through this, you can control who can view, edit, and download the migrated files so that you no longer need to be worried about the security of your files. 

  • Real-time File Collaboration

XfilesPro understands that it takes forever to get a file modified by many people. When the files pass from user to user for their contributions, the time period that it takes is enormous and it will affect the productivity of people. However, with XfilesPro, both your internal teams and external users can collaborate on files in real time as we provide a centralized file management experience. 

Salesforce file collaboration with XfilesPro - an Ability to collaborate on files in real-time

Discover how to revolutionize your Salesforce file collaboration with XfilesPro here.

  • Increased Cost-effectiveness 

You don’t need to purchase additional storage space from Salesforce anymore (which comes with hefty charge). Since XfilesPro eliminates the huge spend on the purchase, you can save your pennies. 

That’s for now! Still, there are a lot of benefits that are unsaid about moving files from Notes and Attachments to the external storage. If you’d love to learn about how our application can help your business, get in touch with us today. 

Document Management Xfilespro

XfilesPro is a complete document management application built for Salesforce that offers end-to-end document management solutions including doc gen, eSignature, document storage & collaboration.