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  1. XfilesPro supports Mass Download functionality
    Now user can select upto 10 files and Download as a .zip folder
  2. XfilesPro supports Mass Delete functionality
    Now user can select upto 10 files and Delete 10 files at a time
  3. XfilesPro supports Dynamic Column arrangement for List and New Bi Sync Component
    New Bi-Sync and List Component data table should have the option to add/remove the columns upto 4.
  4. XfilesPro supports Search functionality for New Bi Sync Component ​
    File search option in the New Bi Sync component
  5. XfilesPro supports File Renaming for List and New BiSync Components​
    User will have option to rename the file meaning the Actual file name should be prefixed or suffixed with value stored in a particular field of the record and the updated name appears be in external provider as well


  1. Template feature in XfilesPro New Bisync Component for Google Drive, OneDrive and SharePoint and we will be supporting only folder creations for any number of folder
  2. Unmap functionality at the Record level (Google Drive)
    ​Now we have Unmap functionality at the record level where you can unmap a wrongly mapped folder​ ​and re map the correct one

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