The Perfect Solution to Storage XfilesPro enabled me to set up functional storage within Salesforce. They walked me through every single step of the setup and were incredibly patient. I am thrilled with their support, customer service, and the function of the app. This is the solution my company needed to move forward. Highly recommend.

Great Solution We used XFiles Pro to integrate SharePoint with Salesforce and it does exactly what it says on a tin. The solution is quite easy to install and navigate, the users praised it for its simplicity and functionality. I also have to say, the team has done an amazing job in supporting us throughout […]

Fabulous app and amazing support team XFiles Pro took our file management experience to the next level. We moved from Dropbox For Business to XFiles Pro about 2 months ago. Dropbox continuously had issues loading inside the Salesforce interface. XFiles Pro app loads every time in Salesforce and works flawlessly. XFiles Support team is fantastic […]

Awesome application, easy setup, and great customer service The application does what we wanted – move our document management to Sharepoint but manage it fully from Salesforce. The setup was easy to do with their published documents. When I have had questions, they respond immediately. If you are looking to integrate Salesforce with storage solutions […]

Highly recommend This application really solved a huge issue for our organization. The solution was able to meet our unique business processes very easily. It didn’t take long to setup and go live. The support team provided clear instructions each step of the way. The odd time we had a technical issue they were very […]

Great App and Company This is the perfect solution for us to archive off files we are not actively using. We were almost to capacity with storage space and this saved us a lot of money from not having to purchase additional storage. The support team is very responsive. Great Product!

Great Product backed by Great Support We have been using XFiles to bi-directionally sync our SharePoint libraries with Salesforce with great success. The product works well out-of-the box with minimal configuration, and for any issues that do arise the support team has been knowledgable and quick to resolve.

If you need to archive your files definitely do it with XFiles! I can’t say enough nice things about the team here!! They’ve spent countless hours helping me with my archiving issues and have been instrumental in helping us with our file storage issue. The tool is very easy to use and the team are […]