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One-click Document Generation in Salesforce with Auto External Storage

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Generating Business Documents in Salesforce & Automatically Storing in Preferred Storage with One Click

Are you looking to generate any type of document in Salesforce and automatically move them into your external storage such as SharePoint, S3, OneDrive, or Google Drive – all in one click? This webinar is for you. Watch this on-demand session to learn how Salesforce customers can create highly personalized documents using our document generation tool DocuPrime and store them directly in any external cloud or on-premise storage to save storage usage by leveraging XfilesPro.

In this session, we have showcased in a live demo how DocuPrime has made document generation easy and faster in Salesforce and can easily work together with XfilesPro for automated file management. 

Watch the webinar to explore:

  • Salesforce File Management with XfilesPro
  • The New XfilesPro Functionalities
  • The Surprise Package: Document Generation
  • The Power of Document Generation & External Storage Integration
  • LIVE DEMO – How to do it

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