XfilesPro is the #1 File Management and External Storage Collaboration Solution for Salesforce in AppExchange. It has been 9 years since XfilesPro came to the industry and has been doing wonders. With its birthday around the corner, get ready to witness the journey of your favorite storage optimization app in Salesforce. 




This was the year the App was launched. It was initially christened EXTFM. 




EXTFM was renamed as ‘Xfiles’ with being listed in the “AppExchange”. It was launched as a free app supporting only AWS S3. 




We started getting our valuable 5-star reviews alongside 10+new addition of customers. We extended our external platform support to Dropbox & Box. 




Xfiles was again relabeled as XfilesPro and became a paid app. We became a growing family with 15+ customers and started supporting on-prem storage platforms. 




Our core achievements for the year were

  • 5K+ licensed users
  • Reached 100+ total customers
  • Onboarded 30+ new customers
  • 4 new releases
  • Added Google Drive as external storage
  • Footprint in 5+ industries




Our numbers started growing to these: 

  • 20K+ licensed users 
  • Added 40+ more new customers 
  • 4 new releases
  • 5+ industries
  • 20+ customer reviews
  • New features like folder structure, file collaboration, community user file management, etc.




We were gleaming proudly in the industry watching our success grow over the years with the below numbers: 

  • Reached the landmark of 100+ customers
  • 50K+ licensed users
  • 60+ new customers
  • The footprint of over 8 industries
  • 30+ customer reviews
  • Showcased at Dreamforce




This year was a game changer for us with the below exciting numbers 

  • 100K+ licensed users
  • 10+ industries
  • 40+ customer reviews
  • 80+ new customers
  • 80%+ renewal rate
  • Rolled out game-changing features like multi-org file integration, external file sharing, file view within Salesforce, etc., showcased at Dreamforce. 




No pandemic was able to break our hard work and success as you can see in these numbers. 

  • Positioned XfilesPro as a complete file management app with next-gen features like auto file export
  • Bi-directional sync and file collaboration
  • 200K+ licensed users
  • On-boarded multiple enterprise customers
  • 250K+ licensed users
  • 90+ new customers
  • 12+ industries
  • 90%+ renewal rate




Our consistent long haul has helped us reach where we are now. We owe it all to our customers for giving us the below numbers. 

  • Included SharePoint & OneDrive as external storage for Salesforce files, 
  • 100+ new customers on-boarded
  • 350K+ licensed users
  • 15+ industries
  • On-boarded 2 new partners
  • 95%+ renewal rate 
  • 60+ customer reviews




It was an exciting year for us to have been blessed with several customers and partners. 

  • 100+ new customers on-boarded & still counting, 
  • 450K+ licensed users
  • 17+ industries
  • 98% renewal rate
  • 10+ Fortune 500 customers
  • 7+ partners
  • Rolled out exclusive features for SharePoint users
  • 70+ customer reviews
  • With the arrival of Captain FiDo
  • Showcased at Dreamforce 
  • The new capability of one-click document generation in Salesforce  




We are more robust and wiser than in our yesteryears. With 9 years of expertise and several new strategies, XfilesPro is upscaling its game through several customer-friendly innovations. Stay tuned for more information. 

We are grateful for all our customers are well-wishers who have traveled with us through the journey and were equally a part of our success. If you are looking to be a part of our journey, then schedule a call with our product specialists and get your queries and concerns addressed.