It’s been a months-long wait that will end in a few hours. From the last AIKYAM that basked on the glory of Vibrant, Vivid, and Vogue to AIKYAM 2024 which brings the future of tech driven by multiple technological advancements including AI — we are pumped up like never before to experience AIKYAM this time.

This year, the flagship tech event of CEPTES exposes the potential of Ne(X)t Wave, Envisioning the Future of Tech to the world. What ignites our spirit is that XfilesPro is becoming bigger, better, and more advanced to empower the document management realm of Salesforce, where AIKYAM 2024 will be the big stage to embark on this new journey. 

Moreover, by putting an end to our anticipation, the ‘X’ is being unveiled at AIKYAM this time. 

If you’re curious about the surprise ‘X’ factor, keep reading this article. We will reveal more about it in the later part. 

XfilesPro to Write a New Chapter by Breaking the Ground During AIKYAM 

XfilesPro doesn’t need an introduction to Salesforce users. 

Being the #1 document management solution for a decade, XfilesPro always went above and beyond to address the challenges of Salesforce customers in managing their documents within the CRM. From automated document generation and document storage in the external system to enabling seamless and powerful collaborative capabilities, XfilesPro is the one-stop platform a user needs today.

Still, many more advancements are on the way. 

Considering the evolving and growing demand for various capabilities to streamline document management operations, XfilesPro is all set to release further innovations on the big stage of AIKYAM 2024. This includes eSign, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), automated document review and approval process, etc., which means that XfilesPro is gearing up to bring out advanced functionalities to fulfill the users’ document lifecycle management within Salesforce.  

And, we can’t leave unsaid the fact that there is no platform better than AIKYAM to present what is new in store for us. As our superior product is stepping to the next level during the tech event, we are also thrilled to showcase the future of document management. 

The Much-awaited Announcement of ‘X’ 

It’s time to talk about the ‘X’ factor that you are eagerly awaiting. 

As you have already assumed, ‘X’ is going to be the advanced and upgraded version of XfilesPro. As the document management solution is becoming more robust with Ne(X)t wave of innovation powered by next-gen capabilities, intelligent AI, and Analytics, XfilesPro eventually turns to the critical ‘X’ factor in the Salesforce realm. 

Why does ‘X’ hold so much relevance? You ask?

There are a lot of benefits that ‘X’ can drive to Salesforce customers today. Some of them are;

  • Xtra cost savings
  • Xceptional document control
  • Xcelerated workflows
  • Xclusive document collaboration
  • Xpress file backup, archive, and migration
  • Xpert document creation 

Needless to say, the future looks bright and promising for ‘X.’ By welcoming more applications and capabilities under its roof backed by AI, ‘X’ will be the critical factor for Salesforce customers in no time. 

Pioneering the Future at AIKYAM 2024 

AIKYAM 2024 will be the platform where the future of AI meets the document management realm in Salesforce. We are glad to witness how XfilesPro and the ‘X’ factor open the door to a revolutionary future for Salesforce users. 

With many more surprises to be unveiled, stay tuned for more updates about AIKYAM 2024.

Deeshna is a five-year experienced writer in the field of B2B, writing a wide range of content types that drive the success of SaaS products.

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