There was an organization, a very popular one at that, that was making extensive use of the Salesforce cloud platform to deal with multiple customers daily. Though they were reaching pinnacles of success, there was something that was holding them back, kind of putting a kink in an otherwise fabulous success story. And that was the unorganized management of Salesforce files & attachments in their Org. To top it over, their file management issues were further accentuated by the file storage limits Salesforce had in place. 

As a means to solve their problems, the company started moving important files & documents from Salesforce into one of the most preferred external storage, SharePoint. And lo and behold, all of their Salesforce file management woes really did resolve. Like many other companies, there can be several reasons for their preference, be it the highly configurable nature of SharePoint, its top-notch document management capabilities, or even the file storage optimization it facilitates. 

Some Benefits of Salesforce-SharePoint Integration

✓ Blazing-fast Storage of Salesforce Files & Attachments

✓ Simplified Files & Documents Management 

✓ Easily Find Specific Salesforce Files 

✓ Seamless Collaboration Anytime, Anywhere

✓ Editing Functionality for Multiple Users Simultaneously

✓ Easily Control User Access Permissions 

✓ Significantly Hassle-free Document Retention & Compliance

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No matter what the reason behind their choice was, there’s no denying the fact that the integration of Salesforce with the web-based document management system, SharePoint, is crucial in optimizing business productivity. But again, they were able to avail these benefits only because SharePoint was properly implemented & integrated with their Salesforce system. In fact, this integration can be tricky to set up in a way that works seamlessly for most organizations. That’s where we come in.

No One Does It Better Than XfilesPro

We, at XfilesPro, take pride in being one of the most preferred solutions when it comes to collaborating external storages with Salesforce in a bid to reinvent & revamp the file management processes. Our solution, easily available on the AppExchange, allows users to integrate the Salesforce cloud platform with multiple external cloud (SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, AWS S3, etc) & on-premise (SMB, SFTP, Network Drive, etc) storages. 

Through extensive use of XfilesPro, users can not only leverage the functionality of both the applications (Salesforce & the third-party storage) but can also create a centralized file management system for their organization. The seamless integration helps in optimizing the primary file storage of Salesforce, simplifying the file management processes, & allowing users to enjoy the best of both worlds. Now let’s see what role does XfilesPro play in integrating Salesforce & SharePoint.

Using XfilesPro for Salesforce-SharePoint Integration to Improve File Management

When optimizing business productivity & security while working with different enterprise systems is your top priority, think no further than XfilesPro. The 5-star rated solution allows users to set up a seamless, scalable, & secure integration between the Salesforce & SharePoint systems. This in turn enhances the business productivity, user experience, company’s ROI & overall customer service. 

With XfilesPro, users can easily save, search, & access important files & documents stored in SharePoint without ever leaving their Salesforce user interface. In addition to offering easy, real-time, & bi-directional access to files stored in the SharePoint libraries, the app also gives multiple users access to the same file repository facilitating better collaboration among them. In short, XfilesPro provides cost-effective & efficient storage of Salesforce files in SharePoint.

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Let’s Talk Benefits

Helping You Collaborate Important Files – XfilesPro’s ensures that users (both internal & community users) can sync the necessary files & documents from Salesforce with SharePoint seamlessly, without hampering their user experience. It also makes sure users are not facing any hassles in accessing their Salesforce files in SharePoint. 

Cut Back Unnecessary Effort – XfilesPro is the only application that offers a full-scale bi-directional sync functionality to users which means changes made in one storage system are automatically reflected in the other system, without users manually making those edits.  

Easily View & Access Your Files – With XfilesPro, users can easily view, access, download, upload, & share files stored in SharePoint right from the Salesforce UI. Moreover, the application lets users perform these actions on multiple Salesforce files simultaneously at once.

Easily Search What You’re Looking For – By letting users create an intelligent, hierarchical folder structure in SharePoint storage that properly suits their requirements, XfilesPro makes Salesforce files easily discoverable.

Facilitating Smooth Migration – XfilesPro allows seamless & smooth migration of files from the Salesforce file storage into SharePoint’s storage. Whether it is exporting files from Salesforce to SharePoint or importing files from the external storage to Salesforce, the migration of files is very seamless & quick with XfilesPro.

Now For The Conclusion

As you might be aware by now, there are many benefits of a Salesforce-SharePoint integration in terms of file management in Salesforce. And with XfilesPro supporting you, you can move your files & attachments from Salesforce to SharePoint storage to reduce file storage costs & increase your team’s productivity. But this is just the beginning! To unlock so many endless opportunities, you can get in touch with our experts who will be happy to help you devise a comprehensive plan for integrating your Salesforce system with SharePoint.