In an era where AI is becoming ubiquitous, talking about the significance of digital document management might sound bizarre to you. 

But let us hold you there!

There are many business owners who still feel their business is too small to manage documents digitally or that having a document management system is not applicable to their operations. 

But the rest are those who have leveraged the advantages of a document management system — especially, sales personnel.

In this article, let’s talk about them! 

Digital Document Management: A No Longer ‘Nice to Have’ for Your Sales Team

Documents are an essential part of your sales reps’ daily lives. So, you need to know that if your business undergoes digital document transformation, you can save your sales reps’ 50% of the time wasted on manually creating and sharing documents. 

This makes more sense if your sales team leverages modern CRM like Salesforce to manage customer data. The adoption of a document management app for Salesforce unleashes advanced capabilities to easily create, store, and manage documents within the CRM. 

Now, as we have already mentioned the advantages of a document management application for Salesforce, let’s discuss how it can increase the sales revenue of your business. 

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

As per reports, digital document creation helps sales reps increase customer satisfaction by 50%. A digital document management system empowers your sales team to easily and quickly find information or a specific document that the customers need so that you can enhance the experience and spend more time serving them. Reducing customer wait time not only improves their satisfaction and trust but also forges your company’s reputation among them. 

  • Real-time Employee Collaboration 

Sales is often a team effort, demanding strong and frequent collaboration between different reps. Digital document management ensures that your team members can simultaneously access, work on the same documents, and share them online across different departments. This means that the team members can collaborate on proposals, quotes, contracts, and other sales documents in real time, leading to faster decision-making and increased efficiency. 

  • Strong Document Security 

The goal of improving the sales process through digital document transformation comes with accountability for document security. A document management app for Salesforce should provide you with better control over sensitive data and documents, where you can determine which team member or division can access specific documents. Trust us, ensuring document security provides you peace of mind like never before! 

  • Reduced Operational Cost 

Like any other department, the executives in a sales team are also searching for ways to cut down overhead expenses. One of the prominent benefits of a document management app for Salesforce is that it helps you properly organize documents within the CRM without demanding much manual effort. This helps you trim down the operational expenditures that come with manual work and you can invest that money in some other essential aspect.

  •  Improved Productivity

Unlike paper document management, a digital document management application for Salesforce helps your sales team avoid downtime when their proposals, quotes, and contracts are properly arranged and accessed digitally. Since this leaves employees with more time to spend on the human aspect of their job, you will experience a significant boost in productivity, which will ultimately result in more deal closures. 

Find Out How Digital Document Management Can be Your Next Big Thing

The list of advantages of a document management application is perpetual for your sales team’s win. To drive more sales revenue, you need to implement such an application that can accelerate your sales operations. 

A modern document management app like XfilesPro is popular for efficiently managing documents within Salesforce, which many sales reps consider a lifesaver to tap high revenue. 

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