Most of us prefer to lead an organized life by organizing things and actions in our preferred way. Because we know how positively it affects our well-being and activities. If you’re a Salesforce Admin, the organization takes a crucial role in your workflow. This is mostly because of one reason — you’re inundated with a massive volume of files that keeps growing per day. 

So, you have no go other than organizing your Salesforce files in a way that makes sense to your business process to achieve a seamless workflow. 

However, organizing files in the preferred format is not a cakewalk in Salesforce. As you already know, Salesforce poses certain limitations when it comes to the creation of customized folder structures. 

So, what’s the solution?

If you ask us,  XfilesPro!

Little Light on XfilesPro 

Being the #1 file management app for Salesforce for a decade, XfilesPro automatically moves files from Salesforce’s primary storage space to your preferred external storage such as SharePoint, Amazon S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, and On-premise platforms. This helps the users keep their file storage space optimized and experience an enhanced file management workflow. 

in between, learn why is XfilesPro the Most Comprehensive File Management Solution in Salesforce
Why XfilesPro’s Folder Structure Matters 

As XfilesPro understands Salesforce admins’ long desire to obtain a proper folder structure, the application helps them create their preferred folder format in the external storage. This functionality helps the users to arrange the migrated files in the external environment in a way that their business demands. 

To meet every business requirement, XfilesPro delivers two types of folder structure options.

  • Template Folder Structure: It’s the default folder structure XfilesPro delivers to users when they don’t opt for a customized file format and look forward to achieving an easy-to-understand one.  
  • Custom Folder Structure: This is a great option for users to customize and create a folder structure exactly as per their business demands so that they can process highly efficient operations.

XfilesPro delivers Smart Folder Structure Capability for improved file management experience in Salesforce

With both these in-demand options, let’s see the benefits of XfilesPro’s smart Folder Structure capability. 

Easy Searchability: A well-planned folder structure enables users to easily categorize and organize their files, making it easier to find specific files when needed.

Efficient Operation: Having files properly organized as per the business demand, the users can conduct highly efficient and quick operations by avoiding confusion regarding the location of any file. 

Improved Productivity: When the operation is seamless and efficient, it will in turn result in the high productivity of the workers. 

Our customers have been using this and we are filled with applause. Check out this testimonial from one of our trusted customers after using our folder structure.

XfilesPro is a great solution for integrating Salesforce with SharePoint. We were able to integrate XfilesPro to SharePoint on multiple objects as well as add different default template folders on new records for each object. Their Support has been very responsive and helpful during online meetings and emails.

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There are a lot more benefits that XfilesPro’s Folder Structure functionality can unleash for users. If you’re wondering how it can elevate your workflow, schedule a demo with one of our product experts. 

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