Most of the enterprises today are faced with the massive challenge of managing the immeasurable number of files and attachments in their Salesforce Org. XfilesPro, one of the top Salesforce AppExchange solutions, was designed keeping in mind this issue with file storage. This highly customizable and admin-friendly application was launched to help Salesforce customers seamlessly store and collaborate their files and attachments with various external storage systems. Using XfilesPro, Salesforce admins can significantly reduce their file storage costs while seamlessly enabling a 360-degree file collaboration strategy. 

When it comes to storing the most confidential files in a secure manner, many organizations prefer to keep these files on the on-premises (Local/Non-Cloud) system, in many cases on a traditional file server. On-premises refers to local hardware, which means the files are stored on local servers, computers, or other similar devices. These on-premise systems are treated as capital expenses and are purchased once. On-premise storage systems offer absolute control over infrastructure and files with the added benefit of security. Some of the key benefits of on-premise systems are mentioned below:

  • The storage resources are procured, owned, and managed by the enterprise itself.
  • The enterprise can exert complete control over and is fully responsible for securing the storage resources and the files. 
  • The on-premises storage resources are completely dedicated to the company only.
  • The capital investment for on-premises systems is typically a one-time cost.

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XfilesPro can easily be implemented to collaborate the native Salesforce system with various On-premise systems like SMB, SFTP, and Network Drive. XfilesPro enables systems connected via the Server Message Block (SMB) network protocol to access and share files from other local computers very easily. Using the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), that provides access to remote systems to deliver secure communications, alongside XfilesPro is the optimal method for secure file transfer.  

When using a corporate network, a network drive can provide easy access to customer information stored on it. Even though a network drive is almost similar to a local disk drive, the most prominent difference is in the manner of file transfer. In a network drive, the files are transferred from a remote system to the internal servers over a secured network connection. Using XfilesPro can greatly simplify the processes involved in transferring these files while also offering additional security. To know more about on-premises system collaboration using XfilesPro, please get in touch with us. 

There are several challenges associated with on-premises storage systems:

  • File sharing between offices is challenging
  • High maintenance cost
  • Lack of mobility
  • Lack of administrative control

To overcome these challenges while still enjoying seamless collaboration with external storage systems, various cloud-based options are also available in the market. Cloud storage involves storing data on remote servers or hardware that are maintained by a third-party service provider. As you can expect, cloud storage is almost always cheaper than on-premises solutions. By using cloud storage, enterprises can buy a specific amount of storage space based on their organization’s needs. Another benefit of cloud storage is the ability to access files from anywhere, anytime.

Keeping these benefits in mind, XfilesPro also offers seamless collaboration with various cloud-based storage systems such as OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive, SharePoint, and Dropbox. Some of the significant functionalities such as an efficient file and folder hierarchy management, centralized content management system, large volume file migration, multi-org file integration, and community portal collaboration help XfilesPro in integrating the Salesforce system with external systems. To know more about external storage collaboration using XfilesPro, set up a free demo today.