Are you using a Salesforce app? Do you have a community portal as well? We understand the challenges you must be facing as a Salesforce admin in managing all your files generated by the standard users as well as community users within limited allocated storage. For any business dealing with such a massive volume of files is always troublesome. 

All the Salesforce editions (Unlimited, Performance, Enterprise, Professional) comes with 10 GB of file storage. Except for Professional, all other editions also offer 2GB of additional file storage space to every user, while the Professional edition offers an additional 612 MB (100 MB per user license + 512 MB per license for the Salesforce Content feature license) to every user. Keeping the huge volume of files within these limits is not only a challenge but also highly expensive after a certain period of time with recurring storage costs. What could be the strategy to keep all the files within your Salesforce system without hitting the storage usage? 

Integrating External Storage Systems with Salesforce

Integrating any external Cloud such as SharePoint, AWS S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or any On-premise system including Network Drive, SMB, SFTP will allow you to store Salesforce files in an external environment without making the native storage pilling up. This integration will offer all the options to choose a better content management system for your entire organization & collaborate with the Salesforce system in order to optimize file storage & reduce high storage costs. 

How to store Salesforce Standard & Community user-generated files in external systems?

XfilesPro which is an advanced file management & collaboration solution for Salesforce, allows Salesforce users to store all the files (standard users+community users) in any external environment with seamless collaboration. Organizations who are having standard users & community portals can use the application to implement a 360-degree file collaboration strategy with a centralized content management system. 

Once installed & configured, the solution will automatically store the files in the external storage without any manual intervention. If you want specific files to be stored under some specific folder in the external storage, the solution has the capability to do that as well. 

The solution also allows you to share files with external users so that they can view & download the files. You can also sync/link files in your external storage with respective records in Salesforce with seamless collaboration.

Centralized Content Management System

XfilesPro File Management Capabilities
  • Supports Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Platform
  • Choose your own external storage – Cloud (SharePoint, AWS S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox) or On-premise (Network Drive, SMB, SFTP)
  • Reduce file storage costs by over 60%.
  • Work collaboratively with Salesforce internal, external & community users by ensuring files are managed centrally but available for everyone to share, view, download, & edit.
  • Highly customizable file & folder management allows the various businesses the process to be embedded in the way files & folders need to save into the external storage.
  • XfilesPro is extremely customizable which helps customers to blend it as per their unique business specifications. This makes the solution very unique and blended giving the customer amazing ROI from it.

To start managing your Salesforce internal user & community user files without running out of storage limits, please get in touch with our file management experts

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