Raise your hand if you never expected to receive a ghostly greeting from your Salesforce CRM. If you are urged to raise, consider the monstrous volumes of files you manage within the application every day.  Did those volumes never send a chill down your spine?  Don’t the file ghouls make fun of your document management […]

When facing any challenges related to file management in Salesforce, AppExchange is the first place you will reach out to. You will search for the best ‘file management’ solution in the biggest enterprise cloud marketplace. We can tell beyond a shadow of a doubt that XfilesPro will be the first result that comes in the […]

If you have been using Salesforce for a long time to boost your sales process and customer experience or to streamline your internal workflow,  you must have Googled at least once ‘How to efficiently manage big-sized files within Salesforce.’  With the extensive usage of the most powerful CRM platform on a daily basis, it’s obvious […]

A Salesforce Awesome Admin is the conductor of automation, orchestrating a symphony of efficient processes, eliminating manual tasks, and enhancing productivity across the board. Nothing can beat how Ohana glorifies Awesome Admins.   But do you really think the life of an Awesome Admin is as awesome as it seems?  A big NO from our end! […]

Most of us prefer to lead an organized life by organizing things and actions in our preferred way. Because we know how positively it affects our well-being and activities. If you’re a Salesforce Admin, the organization takes a crucial role in your workflow. This is mostly because of one reason — you’re inundated with a […]

In the modern age, automation is the key to running any operation. In such an era, if you’re still managing your massive file volumes in Salesforce manually, you are behind the times. Being a popular file management application for Salesforce, XfilesPro leverages the power of automation to make Awesome Admins’ life easier in many ways.  […]

As a Salesforce user, you’re well aware of the challenges that come with managing files in a business environment. The constant influx of files on a daily basis can quickly become overwhelming. But fear not! This information serves as your trusted file management guru, providing invaluable insights and solutions to help you effortlessly navigate through […]

Are you worried about exceeding the file storage limit in Salesforce? And, figured out that moving files hitting Salesforce’s Notes and Attachments to an external storage could be its solution? Yes! But you don’t know how to move files.  If you’re biting your nails about the manual migration of files from the CRM platform, rest […]

Managing a big volume of files and information is common in every business process. However, when you juggle multiple processes on different IT systems, it means that your files can be generated hugely and stored in a number of different locations.  When it comes to the uninterrupted flow of your business, you need to have […]

We are gearing up to bid adieu to 2022, and setting up our 2023 goals. Maximizing the Salesforce platform’s capabilities & minimizing operational costs are two of the most desired pursuits for every Salesforce customer. Efficiently managing files within Salesforce can double up the joy & make 2023 the best year for your business. Managing […]