If you have been using Salesforce for a while to boost sales and customer experience, you must have heard about the need for ‘external storage integration.’ The high chances are that you have probably ignored learning about that ‘integration’ since it was not relevant to you at that point. 

But now?

Do you think that Salesforce-external storage integration is still beside the point? Please don’t answer ‘yes,’ until you learned about the benefits of this intricate yet potential combination. In the context of Salesforce file management, external storage integration is a key that will drive unimaginable business results beyond file management. 

Let’s discuss a few benefits in this article.

  • Optimize the File Storage Space

Your business grows by the day so your Salesforce files. The large volume of files within the CRM platform will create nothing less than an overloaded storage space that causes the poor performance of the Salesforce application. What is the solution you think here to overcome this challenge? Deleting unwanted files? A big ‘No’ as your compliance demands the retainment of files. 

So, what’s the other option? 

Here’s where the integration between Salesforce and the external system comes into play. Having your CRM app integrated with an external storage platform, you can migrate your files from the former to the latter, which will help you maintain a freed-up file storage space. 

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  • Reduce a Large Amount of Cost 

This is a follow-up to the above strategy. When integrating Salesforce with your external storage to optimize the file storage space, you are opening a big door to a highly cost-effective approach. 

Let us explain how;

If your files grow uncontrollably within Salesforce and you don’t prefer to move them out of the production Org, it’s certain that you will hit the file storage limit either today or tomorrow. In such a situation, it’s imperative to purchase additional storage space from Salesforce but is a cost-demanding approach. Instead, if you leverage the Salesforce X external storage integration and migrate files to your preferred external storage, you can save a huge amount of money.

Cost savings through Salesforce integration with external storage

The second instance is because of the additional integration tool. If you invest in a file management solution that doesn’t require an extra connector to integrate between Salesforce and the external storage, you can again cut back on expenses. 

  • Enhance the File Collaboration

Most of your Salesforce files need inputs from many people including internal teams and external users. However, this always comes as a very long task as people share inputs one after another because there’s no way you can collaborate on files in real-time.

But with a modern file management solution with advanced capabilities for real-time file collaboration, you can empower authorized users (internal and external) to contribute to files in real-time. Through this approach, you can save a lot of time and experience a very streamlined workflow that results in improved productivity. 

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  • Adherence to Compliance 

It’s your compliance that demands you to retain files under any circumstances. And, it’s the same compliance that asks you to own complete authority over your files. So, you can accomplish both these major regulatory demands through an effective integration between Salesforce and your external storage system. Let’s see how.

As already discussed, keeping your Salesforce files externally in your storage system will help you retain your files for the future, so that you can use the information that a file carries whenever required. 

Nextly, if you choose a powerful solution for external integration, that will empower you with the ownership of your files, (which your compliance mandates) where you will be controlling who can view and access your files in the external storage, helping you rest assured about its absolute security. 

Compliance adherence through Salesforce integration with external storage

  • Strong Security to Files

Not only through access control, effective integration between Salesforce and your external storage system also ensures that your files are highly secured in the external environment. There are next-gen applications that deliver a wide variety of capabilities to bolster the security of your files. Encryption at Rest is one of those examples of a security standard. 

Get All in One with XfilesPro

With all that discussed, do you think connecting Salesforce with external storage is to the point for your business? If ‘yes,’ try out XfilesPro to make the connection seamless. With XfilesPro, you will not only be able to process an easy integration, but it will also help you accomplish each of the above strategies including storage space optimization, low cost, file collaboration, compliance, and security. 

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